Peek to peek

Loaded up the kids Friday since Reese didn’t have school and headed to the mtns for a quick drive to see some foliage. It didn’t disappoint and I am still in awe of fall all these years later…



Reese’s new school has chapel every week that the whole school and parents attend. Each week a different class goes up to share something they’ve learned. Reese’s teacher choose her to speak for the whole class this week about being joyful. She was so nervous and excited. She was nervous in fact that she froze during the classroom performance but when it was her turn to speak alone she crushed it. So cute.



We have a neighbor who babysits for us on the weekends when she not racing dragsters. She’s 13 and races cars at 80 + miles an hour. Pretty bad ass really. BUT she still can’t drive a street car or even a golf cart for that matter… ha! Her family has been inviting us to come see her race and we finally caught a moment to enjoy the speedway last weekend. I wish I would say it was all for the kids but we thought it was pretty amazing too… nix was entranced by the motorcycles 😬

Toddler Talk

As Ty was kicking Nix in the stroller

N:  Mom!  I miss when Ty was in your belly!

Nixon had never seen a helicopter in real life up close, so when in California they are flying all over

N: Look!  A helicopter!  With skis!

N: mom!  When will I be this many holds up 4 fingers

S:  on April 17th

N: … WOW!!!!!  … that’s just like my birthday!!!


Nixon come running into my room..

N: mom! I’m going to stay close to you forever!!!

S: you are?!?

N: yes because you’re my most favorite girl ever!!!


N: hey dad, when God made me, did he make me golden?

A: yeah buddy, he sure did


Carly: Nixon, i know we butted heads today. I’m sorry and I still love you so much

N: yeah sorry I was a butt head


A: explained how the earth spins away from the sun when it’s night

R: so that means it’s day for people on the other side of the world?


We had the chance to go to a Rockies game with a friend that we met through the business. He and his wife have a suite for the season and they allowed us to join them with a whole bunch of other Denver real estate people. It was definitely the way to watch a Rockies game and now I can’t imagine getting Andrew back to a game without the suite experience…