Women Trip 2017

Our 11th anniversary of a backpacking trip to Europe and we found ourselves in Virginia and DC. We traveled east towards Julia since she has a 4 month old. We got to hang out at her oasis of a mountain home in the hills before heading to DC. She took us to some incredible caverns before hiking in the national forest. Man, it’s really pretty in Virginia!!!!

Then we left Julia at home with her babies and headed to DC. We got to see marine 1 land on the south lawn and then the helicopter take off and land again hours later with the president in it. We saw the pope from 20 feet entering the Vatican when we were in Rome 11 years ago and now we’ve seen the president (from afar) take off and land. It was really exciting. We also experience Arlington Cemetery, the world war 2 memorial and the holocaust museum (neither of which I have been to). All were moving and the whole city inspires patriotism. I am glad I got to see my dear friends and thankful to be an American.


Mommy-Daughter Day

At the beginning of the summer when reason I made a list of all the things she wanted to do over the summer one thing she said was “mom, I want to spend an entire day with just you and me.” I promised her this day and we finally found time a few days before she started kindergarten.

The day started with a a tour of her new school and the opportunity to meet her teacher and find her desk. That was sure an emotional morning for me as it was starting to sink in that she was really going to start kindergarten.

After we headed to Boulder with our bikes. We parked downtown, unloaded our bikes and rode them up and down the creek. We stopped on the way to play in trees and talk about the river and just hang out. The day was warm and perfect. We then had lunch at the Boulder teahouse. The lunch was lovely and we had a really nice time exploring the restaurant and just chitchatting the afternoon away. Before we headed home had a chance to walk up and down Pearl Street and grab some ice cream. The day was absolutely perfect and I’m so thankful that sweet girl wanted to spend so much time with me. I hope we will get many more mother-daughter days together. She is a joy.


I hadn’t seen Laura since her wedding in August so since I had some time before I started my new job, I took a few days and went to go see her and her new hubby!  My incredible, fantastic, selfless, practically perfect husband (I hope he reads this) stayed home with all 3 kinds for the weekend.  Seriously, he’s amazing but whats also amazing is a kidless 2.5 days with your girlfriend!  We had such a great time chatting and being lazy in Dallas over the rainy weekend. Foot messages, a movie, a ‘run’ and LOTS of incredible Dallas food sums up our shinanigans.

Career Change

Big changes for the Andersons.  I left my job with Pandora Jewelry at the end of last year!  It was a long hard decision but the time has come to go back and work with Andrew and our real estate investing company.  I realized over maternity leave just how much time and energy my career was taking away from my family.  It was a big job, a great job, but a job that needed more of my time than I am able to give right now with 3 littles.  So we worked out the timing and I called it quits on December 31st.  I then asked my new ‘boss’ for a few weeks off to wind down and get ready for my new adventure 🙂  I will be starting up a marketing department for the company (since there is none currently).  I am excited and nervous about this task but mostly happy to be off the road so much and home with my babies more.  Cheers to the new year!