11 Months | Ty

How 11 months is our current age marker for Ty, I haven’t a clue.  What I do know is how incredibly cute this baby is getting.  He is faster, strong, and bigger this month 🙂  We’ve had a month of good health and I am so so thankful.  Ty did pop 4 teeth all at the same time this month and then his third tooth on the bottom so that was a little tough but we’re doing just fine!  He is crawling and pulling up everywhere and on everything.  He started balancing on his own for about 10 seconds the day he turned 11 months.  Now that he is so aggressively mobile, he is getting into cabinets and toy bins and electrical outlets and oh-the-stairs! Dude loves stairs!  We have a step into our playroom that he loves to barrel down head first (of course) and the main stars up and down in our house seem to becon him all day long. He has also found significant enjoyment from pushing anything that will budge around and around and around.  He will holler with pride and excitement from behind the chair, stool, box, he has found to push.

Ty has found his voice even more this month and he isn’t quiet.  This baby can holler and yell and jabber and even scream his bloody head off at very loud decibels.  I am guessing he is already working on competing for attention from Reese and Nix.

One sweet thing that we discovered this month is his acknowledgement of our names.  He is into open mouth kissing recently and he will kiss the person you instruct him to on command like, “go kiss Reese!” and he does- it melts us.

Ty is still nursing several times a day and shoving anything solid we put in front of him in his mouth.  His favorites are chicken and blueberries.

Good new everyone:  Ty is still a HUGE mammas-boy.  I keep waiting for him to realize how much cooler his dad is but thankfully it wasn’t this month.  One thing that can light that kids up with a smile or calm him down in the middle of a fit is…me.  And I am unashamedly proud of that.  I am soaking it all up and accepting those slobbery open mouth kisses everyday.

I can’t get over how cute you are Ty.  I love waking up everyday to you and feel so thankful for your sweet love.  Keep it up baby and remember – I really am so cool.

10 Months

This has been the best and worst month.   He started the month by crawling, for real, which has been amazing! We were at a friends house who had really fluffy carpet, I put him down and he took off, like he’d been doing it his whole life.  He hasn’t gone back to army-crawl-flopping since!  Then, Ty (and the whole family) spent 2 weeks…sick!  I would post the pictures but it would gross you out too much.  His eyes were glued shut with gunk for several days, he popped 2.5 teeth and had a cold/ear infection.  We were down for the count for 2 weeks of his 9th month but the moment the fog cleared… ITS BEEN AMAZING!

Once Ty got his energy back he accomplished so many feats in a week and a half.  He started waving and clapping (that’s gotta be my favorite), signing ‘more’, ‘walking’ when you hold his hands, and after he pulls up on things to standing now, he maneuvers his way around the room on his feet.   He sleeping 12-13 hours at night and showing us more of his sweet little personality everyday.  He is still really smiley, and seems to have an adventurous side to him.  He really enjoys exploring with his new found mobility and it will take only a moment for him to disappear into another room and be getting into something.  This month he has been imitating us when we: clap, make a clicking noise with our mouths, laugh (it’s adorable), and smile.  Ty eats A LOT of solid food.  Eggs, blueberries, and chicken are his favorites as of now. We have struggled this month nursing enough but we’re back on track and he’s nursing 4-5 times a day. 

He LOVES watching his bro and sis run around being crazy.  When he wakes up in the morning you can tell he is searching for their faces and once they come greet him, he lights up.  It’s been a really fun month (or the last half of the month) to watch this little man meld more into our family and show us a few more glimpses of who he is.  Turns out, I am still going crazy for this little man and look forward to another month of watching him figure out his world.  Love you TyTy, SO MUCH!



9 Months

Crazy that pregnancy is 9 months and now my baby boy is 9 months old!  It’s been similar to pregnancy in the high times – joyous, exciting, so fun – and the low times – so tiring with slow long days.   We’ve come a long way and Ty Ty is more and more part of the family as we continue to get to know him and watch him grow and change.  This month he has conquered his version of crawling.  I don’t think he has any motivation to crawl (as we know it) because his army crawl/flopping gets him anywhere he wants to go.  He mastered crawling up the 2 stairs that separate the playroom from the rest of the house (aka: the baby gate).  We discovered that he loves to stand!  He was/can be pretty fussy when left alone on the floor until you stand him up – then he lights up and seems content for a much longer time.  He started to take steps when you hold his hands and he finds so much excitement in this!

Ty is eating A TON OF FOOD.  Seriously, some meals I think he eats more than me.   He eats everything I put in front of him.  He still nurses throughout the day and then pounds real people food 3-4 times a day.  I think his new favorite (and mine) is orange slices.  I will cut an orange up and he will go to town gnawing on that thing until its only pulp and peel.  it takes him quit a while so it’s my favorite because it entertains him for a long time!

This month has been another challenging car months.  We took a trip to Utah, Crested Butte and Breckenridge.  He screamed for up to 2 whole hours on those car rides… incredible.  So he still hates the car even though sometimes he will do really well… sometimes.

Ty is still one of the cutest babies I have ever seen (totally unbiased – ha!).  But seriously, he has these eyes that twinkle when he’s happy and dimples that are to dye for.  He so sweet and happy most the time and loves to smile at everyone.  I love him SO much and feel so proud of how he’s handling being the 3rd child in this crazy house of ours.

8 Months

He’s got 2 teeth!  The dude popped both bottom teeth in the same 3 days.  He was a bit sad and congested but his sleep and eating wasn’t interrupted so it was completely tolerable.  As for crawling – there are some in the house that call his current mode of transportation crawling although I have a hard time giving it that title.  He can, however, get anywhere he needs to go with a mix of army crawl and forward flopping.  It’s pretty hilarious but he’s moving forward and will be properly crawling very soon unless he remains content with his Ty ways.  This month we’ve had a lot of indoor time due to weather and sick family members.  We had fun with Ty learning that he likes to giggle and laugh at us whenever possible.  He is loving the playroom this month now that he can move to reach the things that catch his eye.  And… drum role – he’s been incredible in the car!  I don’t think we’ve had even one screaming fit this month!  PRAISE JESUS!  

Ty is eating everything in site and doing really well picking up finger foods and getting them in his mouth.  He doesn’t miss enough times every meal to make it worth Kona’s time to hover under his high chair.  I think Kona loves Ty the most right now.  A smile from us will turn his baby face into a sparkly eyed smile.  His whole face lights up when he smiles.  He’s got these eye that twitch and sparkle when he makes eye contact.  Ty loves catching a smile from anyone in the family, but I think it’s Reese that gets the biggest reactions.  He loves his sister so much and lights up when she’s near him.  This month I have noticed both him and Nixon paying more attention to each other.  Nix is carving out space in his non-stop daily schedule to play with Ty a little and Ty loves this attention from his big bro.  It seems like Ty is connecting some dots that he wants or will be able to do some of the things Nixon is doing.  He watched studiously.  

We are beyond blessed with these 3 babies and Ty is such a joy to our family.  His sweet smile and fun stage of babyhood has us loving life more than we even imagined. We love you TyTy and look forward to watching you figure out how to really crawl this month!  

(When I took these pics Ty was removing from a nasty bug so they aren’t the simplest of pics but at least we got some!)

7 Months

This month has been a little rough for sweet Ty.  He caught the stomach bug and has taken quite a while to get better.  Poor baby has been a pile of snuggles for about a week and half.  It’s been heart breaking to see him so sad and sick.  I haven’t had a baby get this sick ever and there were a few days I got really worried, which doesn’t happen easily.  He did loose almost a pound during the whole ordeal so we are working hard to get him back up to weight.  The good news is, he is back.  Ty-Ty the smiley guy is back and I couldn’t be more thankful for a healthy happy baby.  Thank you Jesus!

We took him to his 6 months doctors appointment and he’s a skinny tall dude.  Low percentile for weight and head and 85th for height.  He’s got the Anderson genes for sure.

The past month the car rides have gotten SO MUCH BETTER.  It’s now normal to hear him coo and squeal and giggle in the car instead of screaming.  It’s so wonderful and we do not take it for granted.  Taking Ty out in public is really fun.  He is doing so well being out and about, loves sitting in the shopping cart flirting with anyone who will pay attention to him.  He’s been crushing whole foods and expanded his pallet a little.  We’re still nursing several times a day.

Ty is working on crawling.  He’ll get up on all fours and rock back and forth before jolting himself forward for the face smash.  He wants to play with his bro and sis so bad so I don’t think it will be too much longer.  He does this funny thing:  he throws his head back when he wants something.  We can’t quite figure out what he’s saying but I think it means hungry or tired.  Funny way to communicate. 

His sleeping has been all over the board since he slept for a week straight when he was sick and now he’s not really taking naps after sleeping so much!  He sleeps 12-13 hours at night and that makes mommy super happy.  We are loving watching his sweet little personality come out and SO THANKFUL he’s feeling back to normal.  Love you TyTy.