Toddler Talk

R:  I think ill be married by the time Ty is….5.


There is no toddler talk here but I need to document how sad Nix is that Reese is going to school. He will loose it if he doesn’t get to hug and kiss her before she leaves. It’s adorable and heartbreaking


Someone asked Reese “hey! Where have you been?”

R: I’ve been at school! Learning how to be a doctor….


I got back from out of town

N: mom! I never want you to leave ever again, I want you to be here with me forever and ever and ever

(Obviously writing this one down so I can read it over and over agin during his teenage years)



Toddler Talk

As Ty was kicking Nix in the stroller

N:  Mom!  I miss when Ty was in your belly!

Nixon had never seen a helicopter in real life up close, so when in California they are flying all over

N: Look!  A helicopter!  With skis!

N: mom!  When will I be this many holds up 4 fingers

S:  on April 17th

N: … WOW!!!!!  … that’s just like my birthday!!!


Nixon come running into my room..

N: mom! I’m going to stay close to you forever!!!

S: you are?!?

N: yes because you’re my most favorite girl ever!!!


N: hey dad, when God made me, did he make me golden?

A: yeah buddy, he sure did


Carly: Nixon, i know we butted heads today. I’m sorry and I still love you so much

N: yeah sorry I was a butt head


A: explained how the earth spins away from the sun when it’s night

R: so that means it’s day for people on the other side of the world?

Toddler Talk

Nixon was peeing outside in the grass with purpose….

S:  Nixon, whatcha doing?

N:  Making the letting N!

S:  Really?  Where did you learn that?

N:  Daddy taught me!

I miss your dad Reese!  I’m ready for him to come home!

R:  Well look on the bright side mon!

S:  ok!  What’s that?

R:  he’s a always with you…

S:  what do you mean?

R:  patting her heart he’s always with you in your heart

R:  My shoes are wet!

C (our nanny):  That’s strange, well dump out the water – they’ll be fine.

R:  Ummm.. they smell like pee

C:  What??  Nixon!  Did you pee in Reese’s shoes????

N:  Yup!

Later that day with Andrew….

A:  Nixon!  …I know peeing in shoes is fun…. but you just can’t do it buddy.

S:  Ugh

I was making pancakes one morning…

N:  Mom!  I’m being super patient!

S:  Good job buddy!

1 minute later…

N:  Mom!  I’m being super patient!

1 minute later…

N:  Mom!  I’m being super patient!

1 min late…..


Toddler Talk

S:  hey Reese did you know you can start working for the family business at 7 years old?

R:  I can??

S:  yeah and you can earn money to save or buy things

R:  yeah well I will probably want to buy guns when I’m 7…

A:  Nixon-  want to go the car wash?

N: the haywasher????

A:  nix,  did you it’s really called the CARwash not the haywasher?

N:  car wash?  Yeah I know that!  I just like haywasher better

While skiing in Utah Andrew and Warren kept saying ridiculous ski phrases all weekend (like shred, shred the gnar, etc) – gosh boy are weird

W: Hey Nixon, I’m gunna go shred some gnar burgers with your dad!
N: Ewwww! Can you bring me back one?
From then on Nix was asking for one of these ‘gnar burgers’ the whole trip!

Toddler Talk

Christmas Morning I wake up and go jump on Nixon’s bed…

S:  Nixon!  Merry Christmas!  It’s Christmas!

N:  I know.

S:  Do you remember what happens today?

N:  pure excitement in his eyes        Yes!  I get GGGGUUUUUUUMMMMMMMM!

Andrew and Reese were driving….

 A:  Tomorrow is Pancake Saturday!  Hey how many pancakes can you eat?
R:  It Is?!?!  

A:  Yeah. How many pancakes do you think you can eat?


A:  Reese?  You back there?

R:  Yes.

A:  How many pancakes can you eat?

R:  I’m counting!

Andrew turns around to look at her and she’s holding her hands in the shape of a circle while ‘stamping’ that circle up from her neck, down to her tummy, down to each leg and then back up again.

R:  16! 

A:  16? How do you know?

R:  That’s how many will fit! 


I walked into the room not seeing Nixon was crouched down in between two couches 

N: Actually mom! I DID NOT pee my pants!! 

S: ???? Ummmm Ok well then come out from between the couches then 

N:  Comes out in Pee soaked pants


My nephew Noah was sitting at the dinner table with all 10 of us and in the middle of a family conversation jolts his head up and says:

Noah:  Hey!  Wouldn’t it be cool if the world was made of tic-tacs?!?!?  

Toddler Talk

S: Nixon you’re getting so big

N: I know! I’m five! I can ride my big bike and I can chew gum!

S:  Nope, none of those are true but you’re still getting big.

Nixon comes into our room and asks Andrew for his water.  It often falls down into the space between his bed and the wall….

A:  Nixon, your water is in your bed still

N:  No!  It’s not!

A:  Well, it’s probably fallen in your crack

Look of horror come across his face as he slowly reaches his hand behind him to feel his butt crack

Reese and Nix woke up early so we told them they could go downstairs and get a banana to eat.

R:  frantic Mom!  Nixon took a bite of a cookie.

S:  Tell him to come up here.

S:  Nixon, did you take a bite of a cookie instead of getting a banana?

N: Ummmm. yeah but….. it was an accident.

(I later found at least 5 cookies with a bite taken out of them)

We were talking about imagination with Reese.  She got a serious face of concentration and her fingers gently pressing to her forehead.

R:  Is imagination when you can really see it but you know it’s not real?

Toddler Talk

N:  Mom, my feelins’ don’t feel good

S:  Reese, what do you want to be when you grow up?

R:  Ummmm.. I don’t know

S: You wanna work with mom and dad?

R: Ummmm…. no I don’t want to do Real Estate… that’s not a real job and…. I don’t want to sell jewelry because that’s not important

N:  Dad, my tummy is telling me I’m not tired anymore!

N:  Mommy, go away!

S:  Excuse me?!?!  Nixon, that is very rude.  You don’t get to talk to me like that!

N:  May you go away paaalease!!!

When we are driving in the mountains and the pressure starts effecting Nixon’s ears.

N:  I can’t hear.  My ears are full.

After yawning 

N:  Ok, now I can hear!