It’s time. Somehow she has gone from a newborn baby in my arms to spending the entire day with the teacher and 19 other students. This is been a whirlwind of emotion. On one hand, of course, I’m extremely excited for her because she is beyond ready for this. And of the other hand, I want to grab her and lock her in the house and never let her go.

She is literally the most incredible little kid I’ve ever met in my whole life. She’s kind and sweet and extremely intelligent and funny. I know she’s ready and I’m excited to share her with other people but there is still this nagging question in the back of my mind “did I do everything I could to prepare her for this?” “Is there anything I’m forgetting?” “Is this the right decision for her and her family?” I feeling of peace to know that we are doing the right thing but I just hope and pray this year will treat her well.

We have chosen to put her at the school that our church recently started. Are extremely excited about it and they’re doing some really unique things. One of which was on the first day of school they hold a big pep rally and cheered all the families into the school. It’s been really neat to see a community of people and a staff of teachers come together with the same overarching purpose, to teach kids to love him and to love others.

Well Reese, I’m so proud of you and so excited for you to start this journey called school. You are a love of our life and our pride and joy. Have a blast sweet girl and learn as much as you possibly can!

Mommy-Daughter Day

At the beginning of the summer when reason I made a list of all the things she wanted to do over the summer one thing she said was “mom, I want to spend an entire day with just you and me.” I promised her this day and we finally found time a few days before she started kindergarten.

The day started with a a tour of her new school and the opportunity to meet her teacher and find her desk. That was sure an emotional morning for me as it was starting to sink in that she was really going to start kindergarten.

After we headed to Boulder with our bikes. We parked downtown, unloaded our bikes and rode them up and down the creek. We stopped on the way to play in trees and talk about the river and just hang out. The day was warm and perfect. We then had lunch at the Boulder teahouse. The lunch was lovely and we had a really nice time exploring the restaurant and just chitchatting the afternoon away. Before we headed home had a chance to walk up and down Pearl Street and grab some ice cream. The day was absolutely perfect and I’m so thankful that sweet girl wanted to spend so much time with me. I hope we will get many more mother-daughter days together. She is a joy.

5.5 Years Old | Reese

Denver Family Photographer

This sweet little girl is 5 1/2 and so proud of it.  Recently a dear friend of mine called Reese a Unicorn describing her incredibly mature and curious self.  I used to try and take credit (at least partial) for my daughter and her personality but the older she gets the more I realize she is… a unicorn.  Not perfect of course but unique, mature, so so gorgeous inside and out, well behaved, smart, and on-and-on-and-on I could go.  I could gush all day about how this little girl is turning into such a beauty.  Reese still shows us her creativity daily with her love for coloring, crafts, and recently – lego design.  She has a very long attention span and can sit and create for hours.

One of her biggest accomplishments over the past 3 months is learning to read.  We are working through a book that teaches her to read and she is crushing it!  She can read!  It’s super cute and recently she’s been taking her knowledge and applying it everywhere.  She is reading signs and book and my text messages!  The first time she took her book smarts and applied it to real life’s when she read a text message from my mom.  She read it aloud and then LIT UP when she mastered the sentence.  She jumped up and down at the accomplishment – it was adorable.  Then she would voice text Grammy and Grammy would text her back.  This when on for hours and she still talks about it.

These past few months I’ve been watching her evolve socially.  She has more and more interest and pride in her friends.  Reese really enjoys kids her age and meeting up with her friends.  Her preschool peers mean a lot to her and she often refers to them in conversation and must enjoy spending time with them.  She is a great little playmate because she it pretty intuitive and usually lets her friend choose the game they play.

One of the sweetest things about Reese recently is her intense desire to hear stories from our childhoods or anyone she’s conversing with.  She will ask us all the time to “tell me a story about when you were a little girl.”

She is in the final months of pre-school at the rec center.  Her teachers (Ms. Toby and Ms. Hannah) have only good things to say about her engagement at school and her social life.  She has done well and seems very ready for kindergarten.  We have her signed up to start school at our church, that is opening a school in the fall.

The saddest part of Reese’s recent life is the gushing gape in her forehead.  We were on our way to run errands and she decided she needed to run inside to grab a coloring book for the car ride.  She came running back out to the car in tears with blood running down her face.  She had fallen at full speed into a brick fireplace edge and consequently busted her head open.  Our errands turned into an ER trip and 3 stitched later she was all patched up.  She has been really diligent in her wound care.  I must have put the fear of God in her about sun exposure to the wound because if she accidentally leaves the house for even 2 min without a hat or sunscreen she runs inside with apologetic tears begging for sunscreen or a hat.  I love that!

This girl makes my heart gush with pride and love.  I am in awe of what God is doing in this little girl’s life and so honored to be part of it.  I love you Reese’s Pieces.

Toddler Talk

Nixon was peeing outside in the grass with purpose….

S:  Nixon, whatcha doing?

N:  Making the letting N!

S:  Really?  Where did you learn that?

N:  Daddy taught me!

I miss your dad Reese!  I’m ready for him to come home!

R:  Well look on the bright side mon!

S:  ok!  What’s that?

R:  he’s a always with you…

S:  what do you mean?

R:  patting her heart he’s always with you in your heart

R:  My shoes are wet!

C (our nanny):  That’s strange, well dump out the water – they’ll be fine.

R:  Ummm.. they smell like pee

C:  What??  Nixon!  Did you pee in Reese’s shoes????

N:  Yup!

Later that day with Andrew….

A:  Nixon!  …I know peeing in shoes is fun…. but you just can’t do it buddy.

S:  Ugh

I was making pancakes one morning…

N:  Mom!  I’m being super patient!

S:  Good job buddy!

1 minute later…

N:  Mom!  I’m being super patient!

1 minute later…

N:  Mom!  I’m being super patient!

1 min late…..


Pierced Ears

Well she’s five and I knew it could be time but I wasn’t pressing the issue. Then Aunt Meggie comes into town and put a little bug in Reese’s  ear. Next thing I know we’re at Claire’s with my sweet little girl sitting in the chair and get her ears pierced. I know it’s just ear piercing but I felt like five years was flashing before my eyes. Can’t believe she’s grown up enough to ask for and understand that it’s time for her to get her ears pierced. Her cousin Abby and Meg and I were all there. It was a highly emotional moment but I’m so glad that this memory is now locked away in time between us. She thinks she is so cool and grown-up now that she has her ears pierced and as hard as it is for me to admit, she’s right.

Celebratory Ice Cream

6 Months 

1/2 of a year!?!?! Ty Ty is doing so well. It’s been a god month.  We are enjoying his personality come out more and more. He’s sweet and smiley. These days he’s sitting up like a champ and rolling around the house like it’s his job.  He will sit then fall then roll all over the place. The past few days he’s started to plank a little and push himself backwards. I am noticing him watch Reese and Nix more intensely as if he’s wanted to join in on the fun. It seems sometimes he gets a little frustrated when they leave the room without him. 
His awareness is noticeably improved. He likes to be out and about smiling at strangers, looking around, and watching us interact with the world. We started putting him in shopping carts sitting up and he like to shop now!

I must document that he is still a mammas boy.  If he was the first kid I wcould kid probably be concerned but since I know he’ll be ok and probably like his dad more than me very soon I am soaking it all up! I’ve even gotten called out of church to find him go from crying to squealing with delight when he sees me. I’m flattered and hope this stage lasts a bit longer.  

Another big milestone this month is solids.  We started feeding him avacodo on his 6th month birthday and he all but bit my hand off getting more in his mouth. Everyday since he has LOVED dinner time and squeals with frustration when you don’t shovel it in fast enough. We haven’t tried anything else but avocados but I have a hunch he will like the next item on his menu. 
He might be the easiest baby to lay down for naps and bed. Anyone can warp him up and drop him in bed with his pacifier and he will burrow into his blanket and close his eyes immediately. Dude man is mostly sleeping through the night – he will wake up sometimes if he can’t find his paci but I am not feeding him anymore. Sometimes he will sleep 14 hours straight! His naps are great 2-3 a day still and during the day he is so happy as long as he’s fed and changed. 
He’s not always pleasant in the car but I have to say the past 2 weeks or so have been better. He might only scream/fuss half the time. It’s been really really nice. Ty – we love having you as part of the family. You are sweet and engaging and so cuddley. I am excited to see what this month brings!