We had the chance to go to a Rockies game with a friend that we met through the business. He and his wife have a suite for the season and they allowed us to join them with a whole bunch of other Denver real estate people. It was definitely the way to watch a Rockies game and now I can’t imagine getting Andrew back to a game without the suite experience…



It’s time. Somehow she has gone from a newborn baby in my arms to spending the entire day with the teacher and 19 other students. This is been a whirlwind of emotion. On one hand, of course, I’m extremely excited for her because she is beyond ready for this. And of the other hand, I want to grab her and lock her in the house and never let her go.

She is literally the most incredible little kid I’ve ever met in my whole life. She’s kind and sweet and extremely intelligent and funny. I know she’s ready and I’m excited to share her with other people but there is still this nagging question in the back of my mind “did I do everything I could to prepare her for this?” “Is there anything I’m forgetting?” “Is this the right decision for her and her family?” I feeling of peace to know that we are doing the right thing but I just hope and pray this year will treat her well.

We have chosen to put her at the school that our church recently started. Are extremely excited about it and they’re doing some really unique things. One of which was on the first day of school they hold a big pep rally and cheered all the families into the school. It’s been really neat to see a community of people and a staff of teachers come together with the same overarching purpose, to teach kids to love him and to love others.

Well Reese, I’m so proud of you and so excited for you to start this journey called school. You are a love of our life and our pride and joy. Have a blast sweet girl and learn as much as you possibly can!

Father/Daughter Dance

It was their first father/daughter dance and I have been a gushy mess all night.  The theme was fairy so I had too much fun turning my sweet little girl into a fairy.  They had a blast and I hope they can cherish these pics forever!


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Happy 1st Birthday

Ty turned one on the 22nd.  It’s crazy and he’s amazing.  Here are some pics to remember  this sweet phase.

Toddler Talk

While driving 

N:  mom are we going too fast?

S: nope!

N: good because if we we’re the police would come give us a ticket and money.  Then… we’d have to give all our toys and treasures back to the police!!!!

Nixon was blabbering something ‘important’ to me that I just could not understand.  I was trying and stuggling and trying and struggling.  Finally…

R:  Mom!  Just say “Oh… ok…. Nixon!” and then he’ll start talking about something else.

It totally worked!  Brilliant!

Reese and Nix were in the bath

R:  Nixon! I’m going to get out…

N: no!  Don’t leave!

R: don’t worry Nixon you’re not alone.

N: I’m not???

R:  no, Jesus is always with you!

N: no he’s not!

R: yes he is Nixon!

N: where is he?

R: patting her heart He’s in here Nixon

We got back from an overnight celebrating our 10 year.

N: mom!  Are you still married?????

S:  Nixon!  Can you please ask your sister for a crayon MUCH nicer than that??

N:  Ok, how about I say “please Boo-Boo-Butt??”

S:  Trying not to laugh!  No, use that’s not kind try again.

N:  Ok, I think I’ll say “boo-boo-butt”

S:  ugh!

N:  Mom!

S:  Yes?

N:  Can we go meet Jesus….on Saturday?

Swinging Nixon in the backyard in silence (rare with him)

N:  Mom!  Did you know… Jesus lives in our hearts?


Christmas Eve!

Hope your Christmas Eve has been nice.  We spent the day baking cookies and hanging out before heading to church. We finished the night with dinner, cookie decorating and reading about Jesus’ birthday.  What a special night with the little and in-laws.

Grammy and Pappy 

Grammy and Pappy stopped in Denver on their way to o California this week.  It was snowing the day they arrived so we took advantage and make a Christmas heavy weekend of it.  The first day we combated the cold by cuddling by the fire, making a ginger bread house, baking cookies, and eating chili.  Reese, Grammy and I went to a play at the Arvada Center which was a hit!  Reese was so cute dressed up in the white dress.  She got so many compliments everywhere we went.  We went with the ‘rents one night to Ophelia’s and then to see Santaland Diaries that night.  The dinner was good and the show was ok but it was just fun to be out and about without kids :).  Their last day here we went on the Celestial Seasonings tour (one of my favorite tourist activities) and to church before opening presents.  The kids had so much fun getting gifts and partaking in a Stafford tradition of pizza before presents!  I am so thankful for this time with Grammy and Pappy and can’t wait to see them again soon!  Love y’all!