We have a neighbor who babysits for us on the weekends when she not racing dragsters. She’s 13 and races cars at 80 + miles an hour. Pretty bad ass really. BUT she still can’t drive a street car or even a golf cart for that matter… ha! Her family has been inviting us to come see her race and we finally caught a moment to enjoy the speedway last weekend. I wish I would say it was all for the kids but we thought it was pretty amazing too… nix was entranced by the motorcycles 😬


Toddler Talk

As Ty was kicking Nix in the stroller

N:  Mom!  I miss when Ty was in your belly!

Nixon had never seen a helicopter in real life up close, so when in California they are flying all over

N: Look!  A helicopter!  With skis!

N: mom!  When will I be this many holds up 4 fingers

S:  on April 17th

N: … WOW!!!!!  … that’s just like my birthday!!!


Nixon come running into my room..

N: mom! I’m going to stay close to you forever!!!

S: you are?!?

N: yes because you’re my most favorite girl ever!!!


N: hey dad, when God made me, did he make me golden?

A: yeah buddy, he sure did


Carly: Nixon, i know we butted heads today. I’m sorry and I still love you so much

N: yeah sorry I was a butt head


A: explained how the earth spins away from the sun when it’s night

R: so that means it’s day for people on the other side of the world?


We had the chance to go to a Rockies game with a friend that we met through the business. He and his wife have a suite for the season and they allowed us to join them with a whole bunch of other Denver real estate people. It was definitely the way to watch a Rockies game and now I can’t imagine getting Andrew back to a game without the suite experience…

Lake Dayz

My complaint about Colorado for the past decade is the lake of lakes. This weekend proved Colorado might really have it all. Our friends invited us to their private lake for camping and all the skiing we could ask for. It was a dream weekend and sweet Nix even got up on skis! Such a blast…


It’s time. Somehow she has gone from a newborn baby in my arms to spending the entire day with the teacher and 19 other students. This is been a whirlwind of emotion. On one hand, of course, I’m extremely excited for her because she is beyond ready for this. And of the other hand, I want to grab her and lock her in the house and never let her go.

She is literally the most incredible little kid I’ve ever met in my whole life. She’s kind and sweet and extremely intelligent and funny. I know she’s ready and I’m excited to share her with other people but there is still this nagging question in the back of my mind “did I do everything I could to prepare her for this?” “Is there anything I’m forgetting?” “Is this the right decision for her and her family?” I feeling of peace to know that we are doing the right thing but I just hope and pray this year will treat her well.

We have chosen to put her at the school that our church recently started. Are extremely excited about it and they’re doing some really unique things. One of which was on the first day of school they hold a big pep rally and cheered all the families into the school. It’s been really neat to see a community of people and a staff of teachers come together with the same overarching purpose, to teach kids to love him and to love others.

Well Reese, I’m so proud of you and so excited for you to start this journey called school. You are a love of our life and our pride and joy. Have a blast sweet girl and learn as much as you possibly can!

Mommy-Daughter Day

At the beginning of the summer when reason I made a list of all the things she wanted to do over the summer one thing she said was “mom, I want to spend an entire day with just you and me.” I promised her this day and we finally found time a few days before she started kindergarten.

The day started with a a tour of her new school and the opportunity to meet her teacher and find her desk. That was sure an emotional morning for me as it was starting to sink in that she was really going to start kindergarten.

After we headed to Boulder with our bikes. We parked downtown, unloaded our bikes and rode them up and down the creek. We stopped on the way to play in trees and talk about the river and just hang out. The day was warm and perfect. We then had lunch at the Boulder teahouse. The lunch was lovely and we had a really nice time exploring the restaurant and just chitchatting the afternoon away. Before we headed home had a chance to walk up and down Pearl Street and grab some ice cream. The day was absolutely perfect and I’m so thankful that sweet girl wanted to spend so much time with me. I hope we will get many more mother-daughter days together. She is a joy.