Toddler Talk

As Ty was kicking Nix in the stroller

N:  Mom!  I miss when Ty was in your belly!

Nixon had never seen a helicopter in real life up close, so when in California they are flying all over

N: Look!  A helicopter!  With skis!

N: mom!  When will I be this many holds up 4 fingers

S:  on April 17th

N: … WOW!!!!!  … that’s just like my birthday!!!


Nixon come running into my room..

N: mom! I’m going to stay close to you forever!!!

S: you are?!?

N: yes because you’re my most favorite girl ever!!!


N: hey dad, when God made me, did he make me golden?

A: yeah buddy, he sure did


Carly: Nixon, i know we butted heads today. I’m sorry and I still love you so much

N: yeah sorry I was a butt head


A: explained how the earth spins away from the sun when it’s night

R: so that means it’s day for people on the other side of the world?


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