Mommy-Daughter Day

At the beginning of the summer when reason I made a list of all the things she wanted to do over the summer one thing she said was “mom, I want to spend an entire day with just you and me.” I promised her this day and we finally found time a few days before she started kindergarten.

The day started with a a tour of her new school and the opportunity to meet her teacher and find her desk. That was sure an emotional morning for me as it was starting to sink in that she was really going to start kindergarten.

After we headed to Boulder with our bikes. We parked downtown, unloaded our bikes and rode them up and down the creek. We stopped on the way to play in trees and talk about the river and just hang out. The day was warm and perfect. We then had lunch at the Boulder teahouse. The lunch was lovely and we had a really nice time exploring the restaurant and just chitchatting the afternoon away. Before we headed home had a chance to walk up and down Pearl Street and grab some ice cream. The day was absolutely perfect and I’m so thankful that sweet girl wanted to spend so much time with me. I hope we will get many more mother-daughter days together. She is a joy.


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