Toddler Talk

While driving 

N:  mom are we going too fast?

S: nope!

N: good because if we we’re the police would come give us a ticket and money.  Then… we’d have to give all our toys and treasures back to the police!!!!

Nixon was blabbering something ‘important’ to me that I just could not understand.  I was trying and stuggling and trying and struggling.  Finally…

R:  Mom!  Just say “Oh… ok…. Nixon!” and then he’ll start talking about something else.

It totally worked!  Brilliant!

Reese and Nix were in the bath

R:  Nixon! I’m going to get out…

N: no!  Don’t leave!

R: don’t worry Nixon you’re not alone.

N: I’m not???

R:  no, Jesus is always with you!

N: no he’s not!

R: yes he is Nixon!

N: where is he?

R: patting her heart He’s in here Nixon

We got back from an overnight celebrating our 10 year.

N: mom!  Are you still married?????

S:  Nixon!  Can you please ask your sister for a crayon MUCH nicer than that??

N:  Ok, how about I say “please Boo-Boo-Butt??”

S:  Trying not to laugh!  No, use that’s not kind try again.

N:  Ok, I think I’ll say “boo-boo-butt”

S:  ugh!

N:  Mom!

S:  Yes?

N:  Can we go meet Jesus….on Saturday?

Swinging Nixon in the backyard in silence (rare with him)

N:  Mom!  Did you know… Jesus lives in our hearts?



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