5.5 Years Old | Reese

Denver Family Photographer

This sweet little girl is 5 1/2 and so proud of it.  Recently a dear friend of mine called Reese a Unicorn describing her incredibly mature and curious self.  I used to try and take credit (at least partial) for my daughter and her personality but the older she gets the more I realize she is… a unicorn.  Not perfect of course but unique, mature, so so gorgeous inside and out, well behaved, smart, and on-and-on-and-on I could go.  I could gush all day about how this little girl is turning into such a beauty.  Reese still shows us her creativity daily with her love for coloring, crafts, and recently – lego design.  She has a very long attention span and can sit and create for hours.

One of her biggest accomplishments over the past 3 months is learning to read.  We are working through a book that teaches her to read and she is crushing it!  She can read!  It’s super cute and recently she’s been taking her knowledge and applying it everywhere.  She is reading signs and book and my text messages!  The first time she took her book smarts and applied it to real life’s when she read a text message from my mom.  She read it aloud and then LIT UP when she mastered the sentence.  She jumped up and down at the accomplishment – it was adorable.  Then she would voice text Grammy and Grammy would text her back.  This when on for hours and she still talks about it.

These past few months I’ve been watching her evolve socially.  She has more and more interest and pride in her friends.  Reese really enjoys kids her age and meeting up with her friends.  Her preschool peers mean a lot to her and she often refers to them in conversation and must enjoy spending time with them.  She is a great little playmate because she it pretty intuitive and usually lets her friend choose the game they play.

One of the sweetest things about Reese recently is her intense desire to hear stories from our childhoods or anyone she’s conversing with.  She will ask us all the time to “tell me a story about when you were a little girl.”

She is in the final months of pre-school at the rec center.  Her teachers (Ms. Toby and Ms. Hannah) have only good things to say about her engagement at school and her social life.  She has done well and seems very ready for kindergarten.  We have her signed up to start school at our church, that is opening a school in the fall.

The saddest part of Reese’s recent life is the gushing gape in her forehead.  We were on our way to run errands and she decided she needed to run inside to grab a coloring book for the car ride.  She came running back out to the car in tears with blood running down her face.  She had fallen at full speed into a brick fireplace edge and consequently busted her head open.  Our errands turned into an ER trip and 3 stitched later she was all patched up.  She has been really diligent in her wound care.  I must have put the fear of God in her about sun exposure to the wound because if she accidentally leaves the house for even 2 min without a hat or sunscreen she runs inside with apologetic tears begging for sunscreen or a hat.  I love that!

This girl makes my heart gush with pride and love.  I am in awe of what God is doing in this little girl’s life and so honored to be part of it.  I love you Reese’s Pieces.


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