3 Years Old | Nixon

Denver Family Photographer

My sweet, stubborn, hilarious, outgoing, one-of-a-kind son is THREE.  Life with Nixon is full of joy, laughter, surprise, and exhaustion.  This kid is, as my mom says, is “like no-one else.”  And that is so true, there is no one like him. Nixon Lee has the ability to drive you to extreme frustration and then cause you to fall-off-your-chair in laughter within the same 3 minute period.  He requires so much energy and attention but the pay-off is so sweet.  This kid is so great with people.  He really has a nach for getting people’s attention and keeping it.  He has no fear about walking up to someone and starting a conversation. He is quick to give out hugs (and kisses) and engage in conversation with anyone.  Recently, he started showing everyone he meets his ‘trick’ which is some crazy interruptive dance style transformation he undergoes which turns him into a super hero of his choice.  He loves showing it off and performs by request, it’s awesome!

Recently, he has been very into super heros and flying.  At least once a day he will run up to you, ask you to push the button on his neck (which makes him fly, duh) and then proceeds to fly around the house at lightening speeds with all sorts of flying sounds.  He still loves pirates and pretending to be a pirate and fighting the evil Captain Hook.  We just finished up his 3rd birthday party which all the more encouraged his pirate obsession.  He can play for hours in pretend land lugging his treasure chest around, flying from island to island and fighting evil.   He has an unmatched imagination that his sister has encouraged and he continues to perfect.  When we play with him, he can fully emerge in his character and his world so much so that when you pretend something that isn’t so in his world, he will call you out and correct you “No!  Izzy!  (not mom) we can’t fly until we get the Pixie Dust!!!!”  It’s so cool.

The dude has a style of his own.  He is learning to dress himself and put on his own shoes.  He usually chooses some of Reese’s pink boots, princess house shoes or his snowboots.  This caused me to purchase several BOY pairs of easy-to-pull-on shoes.  The dude now has lots of black and blue colored shoes but still chooses pink boots over the new shoes he owns.  So funny.

Nixon’s relationship with food is another aspect of this now-3-year-old’s life that I must discuss.  The kids LOVES sweets and carbs…and I mean LOVES.  Perhaps its because he hardly ever gets these delicacies that he craves and obsesses so hard over but from sun-up to sun-down treats, gun, sugars, carbs are requested and requested and requested.  Even when they are granted, they are continually requested and requested and requested.  It’s exhausting and a challenge to keep him away from these because they truly make him SO HAPPY.  Since food and eating continues to be a point of conention in our home, we are still searching for the best way to fill this kid up and satisfy him so he will slow down asking for junk all day.  We experimented with NO SNACKS for a few weeks to ensure he would eat his healthy dinners instead of filling up on snacks during the day (kids could eat his weight in nuts) – it seemed to help with the meals but those days were long and emotional with all the desperate begging for food.   On the days we just let him eat whatever he wanted (to see what happened)  he definitely threw everything up about 4am.  His personality also changes when he consumes junk food – it’s fascinating.  He becomes so hyper and unable to exercise any logic and calmness – it’s night and day.  So we detox him on only clean lean foods for a few days and he’s back to himself (which is still crazy but at least manageable). The cute thing about this part of Nix is his concern about your enjoyment level as you are eating.  He always inquires about how your food is and if you like what you are eating, very genuinely.

We’ve seen glimpses of his memorization ability these past few months.  We’ve almost missed it because we are always moving a million miles an hour managing 3 kids and a full schedule.  The other day I started letting him finished pages of a book we read often, Katy.  It’s a long story with a few layers but he recited it back to me with about 80% word-for-word accuracy.  Then the other day he asked me if I wanted to hear about Jesus.  He then proceeded to tell me the whole resurrection story in the most adorable and precise detail.  He is pretty smart (of course) and he’s finally had a few ways to show us.

He is no longer in diapers at night which makes mommy and daddy SO HAPPY!  He kind of did it himself and now he feels so big for making it through the night.  He has had a great few months overall and this son of ours is such a fun gift from God to us.  He’s lots of life and energy and just…. fun for our whole family.  He is now such a defining part of our little clan and I don’t know what life would even look like without him – it definitely wouldn’t be as much fun.  Nixon Lee, we love you so so so much and thank the good Lord for choosing us to be your parents.  Let the adventures continue as you enter the big 3! Love you Nixon Lee as cute as can be!



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