11 Months | Ty

How 11 months is our current age marker for Ty, I haven’t a clue.  What I do know is how incredibly cute this baby is getting.  He is faster, strong, and bigger this month 🙂  We’ve had a month of good health and I am so so thankful.  Ty did pop 4 teeth all at the same time this month and then his third tooth on the bottom so that was a little tough but we’re doing just fine!  He is crawling and pulling up everywhere and on everything.  He started balancing on his own for about 10 seconds the day he turned 11 months.  Now that he is so aggressively mobile, he is getting into cabinets and toy bins and electrical outlets and oh-the-stairs! Dude loves stairs!  We have a step into our playroom that he loves to barrel down head first (of course) and the main stars up and down in our house seem to becon him all day long. He has also found significant enjoyment from pushing anything that will budge around and around and around.  He will holler with pride and excitement from behind the chair, stool, box, he has found to push.

Ty has found his voice even more this month and he isn’t quiet.  This baby can holler and yell and jabber and even scream his bloody head off at very loud decibels.  I am guessing he is already working on competing for attention from Reese and Nix.

One sweet thing that we discovered this month is his acknowledgement of our names.  He is into open mouth kissing recently and he will kiss the person you instruct him to on command like, “go kiss Reese!” and he does- it melts us.

Ty is still nursing several times a day and shoving anything solid we put in front of him in his mouth.  His favorites are chicken and blueberries.

Good new everyone:  Ty is still a HUGE mammas-boy.  I keep waiting for him to realize how much cooler his dad is but thankfully it wasn’t this month.  One thing that can light that kids up with a smile or calm him down in the middle of a fit is…me.  And I am unashamedly proud of that.  I am soaking it all up and accepting those slobbery open mouth kisses everyday.

I can’t get over how cute you are Ty.  I love waking up everyday to you and feel so thankful for your sweet love.  Keep it up baby and remember – I really am so cool.


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