BFFs x 2

Erin, Tanner, Ailee, Summer, and Joleen drove up to see us for the better part of a week.    These friends of ours are so dear to us and we don’t see them near enough!  We both just had our 3rd kid so it was sweet chaos for a few days!  It was a such a treat for them to visit and our girls to play and Summer and Nixon kinda get to know each other.   We stayed in the mountains for the first few nights and then came back to Denver and let the kids play at our house before they loaded up for the drive home.   Reese and Ailee took a ski lesson which was so fun because their dads have been playing on ski mountains together since they were teenagers!   Then, one night we left all the kids with Carly (she’s a miracle worker) and we got a night on the town in Breckenridge.  It was FREEZING cold but in typical Breck fashion… so enchanting.  We had such a great time and Reese had the all-time obvious response to our family love for each other.  “well, why don’t we just see them more?”


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