10 Months

This has been the best and worst month.   He started the month by crawling, for real, which has been amazing! We were at a friends house who had really fluffy carpet, I put him down and he took off, like he’d been doing it his whole life.  He hasn’t gone back to army-crawl-flopping since!  Then, Ty (and the whole family) spent 2 weeks…sick!  I would post the pictures but it would gross you out too much.  His eyes were glued shut with gunk for several days, he popped 2.5 teeth and had a cold/ear infection.  We were down for the count for 2 weeks of his 9th month but the moment the fog cleared… ITS BEEN AMAZING!

Once Ty got his energy back he accomplished so many feats in a week and a half.  He started waving and clapping (that’s gotta be my favorite), signing ‘more’, ‘walking’ when you hold his hands, and after he pulls up on things to standing now, he maneuvers his way around the room on his feet.   He sleeping 12-13 hours at night and showing us more of his sweet little personality everyday.  He is still really smiley, and seems to have an adventurous side to him.  He really enjoys exploring with his new found mobility and it will take only a moment for him to disappear into another room and be getting into something.  This month he has been imitating us when we: clap, make a clicking noise with our mouths, laugh (it’s adorable), and smile.  Ty eats A LOT of solid food.  Eggs, blueberries, and chicken are his favorites as of now. We have struggled this month nursing enough but we’re back on track and he’s nursing 4-5 times a day. 

He LOVES watching his bro and sis run around being crazy.  When he wakes up in the morning you can tell he is searching for their faces and once they come greet him, he lights up.  It’s been a really fun month (or the last half of the month) to watch this little man meld more into our family and show us a few more glimpses of who he is.  Turns out, I am still going crazy for this little man and look forward to another month of watching him figure out his world.  Love you TyTy, SO MUCH!




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