9 Months

Crazy that pregnancy is 9 months and now my baby boy is 9 months old!  It’s been similar to pregnancy in the high times – joyous, exciting, so fun – and the low times – so tiring with slow long days.   We’ve come a long way and Ty Ty is more and more part of the family as we continue to get to know him and watch him grow and change.  This month he has conquered his version of crawling.  I don’t think he has any motivation to crawl (as we know it) because his army crawl/flopping gets him anywhere he wants to go.  He mastered crawling up the 2 stairs that separate the playroom from the rest of the house (aka: the baby gate).  We discovered that he loves to stand!  He was/can be pretty fussy when left alone on the floor until you stand him up – then he lights up and seems content for a much longer time.  He started to take steps when you hold his hands and he finds so much excitement in this!

Ty is eating A TON OF FOOD.  Seriously, some meals I think he eats more than me.   He eats everything I put in front of him.  He still nurses throughout the day and then pounds real people food 3-4 times a day.  I think his new favorite (and mine) is orange slices.  I will cut an orange up and he will go to town gnawing on that thing until its only pulp and peel.  it takes him quit a while so it’s my favorite because it entertains him for a long time!

This month has been another challenging car months.  We took a trip to Utah, Crested Butte and Breckenridge.  He screamed for up to 2 whole hours on those car rides… incredible.  So he still hates the car even though sometimes he will do really well… sometimes.

Ty is still one of the cutest babies I have ever seen (totally unbiased – ha!).  But seriously, he has these eyes that twinkle when he’s happy and dimples that are to dye for.  He so sweet and happy most the time and loves to smile at everyone.  I love him SO much and feel so proud of how he’s handling being the 3rd child in this crazy house of ours.


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