Toddler Talk

S:  hey Reese did you know you can start working for the family business at 7 years old?

R:  I can??

S:  yeah and you can earn money to save or buy things

R:  yeah well I will probably want to buy guns when I’m 7…

A:  Nixon-  want to go the car wash?

N: the haywasher????

A:  nix,  did you it’s really called the CARwash not the haywasher?

N:  car wash?  Yeah I know that!  I just like haywasher better

While skiing in Utah Andrew and Warren kept saying ridiculous ski phrases all weekend (like shred, shred the gnar, etc) – gosh boy are weird

W: Hey Nixon, I’m gunna go shred some gnar burgers with your dad!
N: Ewwww! Can you bring me back one?
From then on Nix was asking for one of these ‘gnar burgers’ the whole trip!


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