Park City, Utah

Historically the Anderson family doesn’t do a great job planning.  We fly by the seat of our pants and pride ourselves on last min deals.  This trip was different.  We planned this thing in late summer so the anticipation has been high for months!  We took our dear friends Danee, Warren, their son Parker and Carly.  It’s only a 7 hour drive to Park City from Denver so we loaded up the A-Team bus and headed to i80.  It was a game changer having Carly in the car.  Our sweet little 8 month old terror-in-car had a much better time with one of his favorites next to him the whole trip.  I actually read part of a book and we listened to a whole audio book!  Park City reminded my a lot of Steamboat.  When you pull in it feels open and hilly as opposed to Colorado’s i70 mtns who’s extreme peaks are apparent from the freeway.   We snagged a condo right by the base that allowed up to walk to the slopes (mandatory with little kids!).  All the kids (expect Ty of course) got on skis and LOVED it.  Then, thanks to Carly, the adults got a few days of pure bliss on the mountain.  I really really like the ski mountain of Park City.  The terrain was steeper and a little more challenging than we’re use to which made it so fun!  The extreme peaks appear when you take the lifts up and up and up.  We were able to get to Canyons Resort via gondola and ski through some of the most gorgeous real estate I’ve been up close to.  Utah is funny in that the bars and restaurants all make fun of Utah stereotypes.  They will name drinks and meals things along the lines “5 wives meatloaf” or  “polygamy cocktail”, etc.  The liquor is as expensive as any ski town but they limit how much of it can go in a drink. So you get what seems like 50% less alcohol, for the same expensive price.  There were also several places that required you buy food if you purchased a drink.  Most beer served is 3.2%.  It was interesting.  The town of Park City was insanely adorable with its multi-million dollar picture perfect bungalows and charming downtown.  I mean…SO CUTE!  The mistake we made is not making a dinner reservation.  We had no clue how packed downtown gets in the evenings. Most restaurant we walked into turned us away saying they were full for the whole night (and it was 7pm!)  Overall, it was a fantastic trip and I only hope we get to do this whole thing again next year.





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