8 Months

He’s got 2 teeth!  The dude popped both bottom teeth in the same 3 days.  He was a bit sad and congested but his sleep and eating wasn’t interrupted so it was completely tolerable.  As for crawling – there are some in the house that call his current mode of transportation crawling although I have a hard time giving it that title.  He can, however, get anywhere he needs to go with a mix of army crawl and forward flopping.  It’s pretty hilarious but he’s moving forward and will be properly crawling very soon unless he remains content with his Ty ways.  This month we’ve had a lot of indoor time due to weather and sick family members.  We had fun with Ty learning that he likes to giggle and laugh at us whenever possible.  He is loving the playroom this month now that he can move to reach the things that catch his eye.  And… drum role – he’s been incredible in the car!  I don’t think we’ve had even one screaming fit this month!  PRAISE JESUS!  

Ty is eating everything in site and doing really well picking up finger foods and getting them in his mouth.  He doesn’t miss enough times every meal to make it worth Kona’s time to hover under his high chair.  I think Kona loves Ty the most right now.  A smile from us will turn his baby face into a sparkly eyed smile.  His whole face lights up when he smiles.  He’s got these eye that twitch and sparkle when he makes eye contact.  Ty loves catching a smile from anyone in the family, but I think it’s Reese that gets the biggest reactions.  He loves his sister so much and lights up when she’s near him.  This month I have noticed both him and Nixon paying more attention to each other.  Nix is carving out space in his non-stop daily schedule to play with Ty a little and Ty loves this attention from his big bro.  It seems like Ty is connecting some dots that he wants or will be able to do some of the things Nixon is doing.  He watched studiously.  

We are beyond blessed with these 3 babies and Ty is such a joy to our family.  His sweet smile and fun stage of babyhood has us loving life more than we even imagined. We love you TyTy and look forward to watching you figure out how to really crawl this month!  

(When I took these pics Ty was removing from a nasty bug so they aren’t the simplest of pics but at least we got some!)


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