Beaver Creek 

My sister-in-law’s in-laws have a home in Avon Colorado. My sister-in-law, her husband and their 4 kids travel up there every winter to hang out with Grand Candy and Papa Jim. Their house and the location and their hospitality is amazing. Somehow we snagged an invite and had an incredible 24 hours with the extended family. We got to spend a day skiing arrowhead with my niece and nephews followed by a lovely dinner and watching kidsroll around  in the snow in their bathing suits! It was such a joy to be in the mountains with these incredible people.


We took Nix up for the first time to get on his skis. He was so ecstatic to go up with us. He’s only two so doesn’t have the muscle strength to accomplish much but it was incredibly fun to see him so excited to ski. I hope and pray he keeps this passion for the sport


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