Toddler Talk

Christmas Morning I wake up and go jump on Nixon’s bed…

S:  Nixon!  Merry Christmas!  It’s Christmas!

N:  I know.

S:  Do you remember what happens today?

N:  pure excitement in his eyes        Yes!  I get GGGGUUUUUUUMMMMMMMM!

Andrew and Reese were driving….

 A:  Tomorrow is Pancake Saturday!  Hey how many pancakes can you eat?
R:  It Is?!?!  

A:  Yeah. How many pancakes do you think you can eat?


A:  Reese?  You back there?

R:  Yes.

A:  How many pancakes can you eat?

R:  I’m counting!

Andrew turns around to look at her and she’s holding her hands in the shape of a circle while ‘stamping’ that circle up from her neck, down to her tummy, down to each leg and then back up again.

R:  16! 

A:  16? How do you know?

R:  That’s how many will fit! 


I walked into the room not seeing Nixon was crouched down in between two couches 

N: Actually mom! I DID NOT pee my pants!! 

S: ???? Ummmm Ok well then come out from between the couches then 

N:  Comes out in Pee soaked pants


My nephew Noah was sitting at the dinner table with all 10 of us and in the middle of a family conversation jolts his head up and says:

Noah:  Hey!  Wouldn’t it be cool if the world was made of tic-tacs?!?!?  


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