Toddler Talk

S: Nixon you’re getting so big

N: I know! I’m five! I can ride my big bike and I can chew gum!

S:  Nope, none of those are true but you’re still getting big.

Nixon comes into our room and asks Andrew for his water.  It often falls down into the space between his bed and the wall….

A:  Nixon, your water is in your bed still

N:  No!  It’s not!

A:  Well, it’s probably fallen in your crack

Look of horror come across his face as he slowly reaches his hand behind him to feel his butt crack

Reese and Nix woke up early so we told them they could go downstairs and get a banana to eat.

R:  frantic Mom!  Nixon took a bite of a cookie.

S:  Tell him to come up here.

S:  Nixon, did you take a bite of a cookie instead of getting a banana?

N: Ummmm. yeah but….. it was an accident.

(I later found at least 5 cookies with a bite taken out of them)

We were talking about imagination with Reese.  She got a serious face of concentration and her fingers gently pressing to her forehead.

R:  Is imagination when you can really see it but you know it’s not real?


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