6 Months 

1/2 of a year!?!?! Ty Ty is doing so well. It’s been a god month.  We are enjoying his personality come out more and more. He’s sweet and smiley. These days he’s sitting up like a champ and rolling around the house like it’s his job.  He will sit then fall then roll all over the place. The past few days he’s started to plank a little and push himself backwards. I am noticing him watch Reese and Nix more intensely as if he’s wanted to join in on the fun. It seems sometimes he gets a little frustrated when they leave the room without him. 
His awareness is noticeably improved. He likes to be out and about smiling at strangers, looking around, and watching us interact with the world. We started putting him in shopping carts sitting up and he like to shop now!

I must document that he is still a mammas boy.  If he was the first kid I wcould kid probably be concerned but since I know he’ll be ok and probably like his dad more than me very soon I am soaking it all up! I’ve even gotten called out of church to find him go from crying to squealing with delight when he sees me. I’m flattered and hope this stage lasts a bit longer.  

Another big milestone this month is solids.  We started feeding him avacodo on his 6th month birthday and he all but bit my hand off getting more in his mouth. Everyday since he has LOVED dinner time and squeals with frustration when you don’t shovel it in fast enough. We haven’t tried anything else but avocados but I have a hunch he will like the next item on his menu. 
He might be the easiest baby to lay down for naps and bed. Anyone can warp him up and drop him in bed with his pacifier and he will burrow into his blanket and close his eyes immediately. Dude man is mostly sleeping through the night – he will wake up sometimes if he can’t find his paci but I am not feeding him anymore. Sometimes he will sleep 14 hours straight! His naps are great 2-3 a day still and during the day he is so happy as long as he’s fed and changed. 
He’s not always pleasant in the car but I have to say the past 2 weeks or so have been better. He might only scream/fuss half the time. It’s been really really nice. Ty – we love having you as part of the family. You are sweet and engaging and so cuddley. I am excited to see what this month brings!


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