Nixon is two and a half and I adore him.  I don’t know how else to describe what happens to my heart when I watch this boy get excited, see him fall down and get hurt, or take advantage of his extremely long hard hugs.  Adoration.  I.adore.him.

Nixon is still a little toot like… all the time!  He is stubborn and doesn’t listen and always hurts himself.  But man-oh-man all those annoyances are far outweighed by the joyful, full-of-life, hilarious little adventuring boy.  Nixon is the life of the party.  He is so much fun to be around and has a nak for using his charm to enchant everyone he meets.  He is really personable and quick to ask anyone near him to come play!  Come see his playroom!  Look at his owie!  His expressions are amazing and his excitement level over the small things is so high! 

Nix’s adventuring spirit is non-stop.  He always wants to go over the next hill and around the next corner.  If you are leaving the house, he wants to come.  If the door is open, he walks through it.  If you ask him to do anything with you – he say YES!  He is asking lots of questions and asking WHY after almost everything said to him.  Annoying, yes but it shows how curious he is.

Nixon is hard core in a pirate loving phase thanks to the show ‘Jake and the Neverland Pirates’.  You can find Nixon accompanied by a sword and/or spyglass most of his day.  He yells “yo-ho mateys away!” with conviction anytime he runs off to his next adventure.   Reese and Nixon are playing really well together.  They are learning how to combine their loves and pretend house and pirates and superheros all the time!

 While I said he doesn’t listen well – he has a side of him that focuses crazy well.  If you get him one-on-one and want to explain something to him, he will look you in the eye, listen to every word and repeat what you say.  It’s impressive and pretty sweet. 

His manners are getting better and my favorite is when he asks me “so mom, how was your day?”   Sometimes when you give him something or extend kindness he’ll look you right in the eye and say “that’s so nice Mommy!”

We’ve had some challenges with sleep because he doesn’t seem to require as much as Reese or me for that matter.  We had to separate Reese and Nix (who share a room) because Nixon was keeping them up late and waking Reese up SO EARLY.  Just the past few weeks have been better and he is at least staying in him bed until his 7am light goes on.


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