Toddler Talk

Andrew came down from putting Nixon to bed and a little teary-eyed… he told me as he was hugging Nix (for a really really long time) before bed and Nix pulled back, sets his forehead against Andrew’s and whispers “you’re my best friend”

In awe, I head up stairs to say my good-nights.  Nix give me that famous extended Nixon hug so I think to myself ‘he’s going to shower me with the same sweetness.’  He pulls back and presses his head against mine, so I think ‘ here it comes’
N:  Mom?
S:  hopeful Yes baby?
N:  ……Daddy is my favorite buddy
S:  A little crushed That’s so lucky for you!
N:  And Mom?
S:  THIS IS IT!  Yes baby?
N:  …..Uncle T is my best buddy too
S:  Ugh, good night

Nixon’s funny words
Hay-washer (Carwash)
Fun Fellows (Marshmallow)
Cow Shoes (Cashews)
Papin Hook (Captain Hook)


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