Toddler Talk

R:  It’s time for me to tell you something

S:  ummm ok? 
R:  ok, um I have magical powers that let me control everything electronic 
S:  really?  
R:  yeah… I was scared to tell You because I thought you would be jealous that you can’t do it 
S:  ok well thanks for telling me 
R: and one more thing…. Sometimes my electronics can control people 

A:  Nixon!  Where is your toothbrush?
N:  Ummmm….. don‘t know.  I could use yours!?!

S:  Reese!  How was your first day of preschool????
R:  It was good, we made a craft and played outside and…. Oh my gosh!  Mom!?!?!  I almost forgot…. how was your first day back at at work???
S:  melting  

It’s 3am and I hear Nixon yelling something from his room.  I repeat:  it was 3am.
S:  Nixon, what‘s wrong?
N:  CAN.  YOU. SING. ME. A. SONG.?!?!?!
S:  delirious What?     
N:  CAN.  YOU. SING. ME. A. SONG.?!?!?! 
S:  Ummm ok 
*Side note:  it’s incredibly hard to muster up enough voice at 3am to sing a song but i tried!
S:  Jesus Loves me this I know…
N:  No Mommy!  Not that one!  Sing Believe!  
S:  It’s 3am son, it’s not request hour….     
N:  Palllllleeeeaaaaase?
S:   Fine. 

S:  Reese!  I can’t believe Carly (our nanny) got you a hot chocolate while you were running earrands with her!
R:  Yeah, CarCar said that if I was really good and did everything she asked, I could get a hot chocolate. And so, I did everything she asked and was super good.
S:  Well, yeah!  And of course you were good!
R:  Uhuh and mom – that’s a really hard thing for a little girl like me to do so yeah





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