Toddler Talk

Ladies and gentlemen… Please welcome Nixon Lee to my toddler talk segment!! He’s been talking and saying hilarious things for MONTHS but with Nix, the humor comes more from how he says things as opposed to what he says-  so I still don’t think he’ll be featured too often.  I need to take more videos of that cutie but he’s had a few recently that warrent a toddler talk apperance.  

N: Let me see Ty! 
S:  ok 
N:  Hi my Ty!  Hi my buddy!  Hi my Ty! 
S: 😍

While laying next down with Nix before bed one night… He grabs my face with both hands and says
N:  mom, need you to obey… Do not poop ur dipo 

Reese started soccer this week…
R:  well there were 3 mean boys there
S: oh really?  What were they doing?
R:  !!!!!!stealing the soccer balls!!!!!!!!!
S:  …. Sweetheart, that’s how you play soccer

Reese was listing, for our nanny, all the dairy products that come from a cow 
C:  Actually all those things come from milk.  Cows are milked and we make all those things with thier milk 
R:  thinking thinking thinking Well then how do you milk an almond?  


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