39 Weeks

It hit me at church last week.  We are bringing another person into the world who is going to make such an impact on the world around him.  I was in awe this weekend about all the people that will be impacted by our baby boy and all the potential he will have to effect so many people in his life.  Thank you Jesus for this incredible little human we get to meet SO SOON!

Our Anita appointment was short and sweet this week because I had to make it to my last crazy work activities before he comes.  I was a little disappointing because he has shifted from the most perfect position to partially posterior.  This is a huge fear of mine because the worst labor comes from a posterior baby.  Anita doesn’t seem concerned and feels certain he will move back to where he is supposed to be but I AM CONCERNED because it would be me dealing with a worst labor.  So, I have been crawling and hip circling and sitting on the floor and praying he goes back to the way he was!  I did feel him move A BUNCH and in a big way last night so maybe he is already back where he was?  We will see what Anita says next week.

I made it through my busy 3 work days without having a baby!  I was on my feet for 3 days so the swelling is definitely showing… like definitely!

This week Nixon woke me up one morning with his play screwdriver in his hand.  He pulled my shirt up to expose the tummy and said –
N:  Baby Brudder OUT!
S:  Soon, son
N: holding the toy to my belly Cut baby brudder out!
S:  Yup, that’s how some people get the baby out!  🙂

We are getting the last min things ready for the little dude to get here and so anxious to meet him soon!  Come on baby!

Check out those feet!!!!

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