Nix Is 2

I feel like my journaling about this fun-loving, stubborn, unpredictable, sweet cutie might come across as a bit bi-polar.  Ya see?  Goodness, one moment I can be as fed-up with my son as I’ve ever been and then he’ll throw me a hilarious grin or gesture and all is forgiven and forgotten.

Mostly, he’s the cutest little boy I’ve ever met.  The dude is a serious daddy’s boy, like MAJOR daddy’s boy.  He follows Andrew around like a puppy and talks about him constantly when he’s not around.  He loves Andrew’s tools, his car, his workout stuff, his everything and anything related to daddy.  On the top of the list is Andrew’s skateboard.  He lays on his belly and trolls around on that that thing all evening.  He is getting good at Reese’s scooter and asks all the time to ride her bike – I love his adventurous little self.

Nix loves getting in our cars when they are parked and playing around.  He could spend hours in those cars if we let him without getting board.  When you get in the car to retrieve him, he will somehow convince you to let him ‘drive you’ somewhere and with pride takes you anywhere you ask (as all the lights and trigger and buttons going off).

Random hilarious past time of his:  he puts any socks he can find on his hand, like several times a day for extended amounts of time and walks around  saying ‘sock hands!’ 

My 2-year-old is in helping phase and will do almost anything you ask if you lead with the words ” you wanna help me?”  Potty training is going well but still has the occasional accident.  He likes to stand on the toilet seat and pee into the potty and although its a mess he is so proud and persistent we let him do it anyway.

In his sweet, tired moments you can calm him down with humming and lightly rubbing his face.  He loves music and asks me to sing to him every night “song mommy??”.  His favorite song is “Tomorrow” from the movie Annie.  He will randomly say “Mommy! ‘morrow?!?!?!”  and point to the speakers until I play it for him.  He will then light up like it’s Christmas at the opening notes.  

Dude man loves to eat.  He can down some food – usually eating as much as me (and I’m pregnant!)  The obnoxious part about eating is his random stubbornness- he will say no to a food with all his might, finally take a bite by force and smile to say “mm good!”

Nix has a bit of a dramatic side as of late.  We have been calling him ‘wolf’ b/c he can be pretty dramatic about nothing – he comes telling us he hurt himself or Reese did something or fusses at us for nothing.  I will be happy when he stops ‘crying wolf’ so much.

Speaking of Reese – they are starting to play so well together.  He can pretend and get in her world which I think is impressive.  They enjoy running around together, playing legos, and pretending.  He will pretend to be a cat or a baby to engage her – its so sweet.  When he is away from her – he’ll talk about Reese and says “back home mommy! Miss ‘eese!”

Inspired by Reese he frequently waits on us.  His ‘pretend’ specialty is cooking pancakes and serving them in a little play cupcake pan.  He will run up to you and ask “coffee??”  “pancake??”  “hungry??”  until you find something to ‘order’.  He will then run off and make you whatever it is you ask and serve it with pride. 

He is connecting words and phrase in increasing numbers daily.  I am in awe of his language skills and how quickly his verbal communication is improving. With Nix it’s less about what he says and more HOW he says it.  I am unsure if writing them out will help me remember his cuteness but I will try.  Some funny phrases we love
  – Andrew took his car to get fixed and explained where they were going and for weeks said “daddy’s shop!” whenever he got into Andrews car
  – Mommy ‘mere (come here)
  – Daddy watch!
  – After telling him anything important he will say “oh yeah” with a serious face of understanding
  – When telling him anything you need agreement on he will say “deal pickle”
  – “I hungry mommy”
  – “more song”

I’m so proud of his ‘running for mayor’ personality – always talking and high-5ing and fist bumping with explosions.  He looks adults in the eye, has pretty good manners, and responds when spoken to. I am so in love with my son and can’t wait to watch him transition from baby to big brother soon.  Love you Nixon Lee as cute as can be.  You are amazing. 


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