Reese Is 4.5

My sweet angle. My love. My daughter.  Little girls can be so sweet and we got one of the sweetest.  She’s 4 and 1/2 and so proud of it.  She brings up ‘turning 5’ at least once a week so we go through the order of birthdays in our family before she lights up at her 5th birthday ‘so soon!’

Reese is still crafting and creating all the time.  She can spend hours concentrating on something she’s creating.  She can sit down and studiously work on learning workbooks for hours if you let her.

She is pretending a lot although it’s less about being a princess (contrary to the pictures) and more about family – she’s the mom, I’m the kid, etc.  Reese still prefers dresses and high heals and always looks for an excuse to dress up and ‘get fancy’.  She takes a purse and/or a baby doll everywhere she goes and usually remembers to bring it home.  She is better than me at taking her purse packed with essentials!

She’s started to ask frequently if she can play with friends and asks who she is going to see or play with that day. Something fun about her is – if you make anything seem special or out of the ordinary – she’s on board.  I can turn boring errands in to a mommy/daughter date and she is flying high.  It’s so cute.

She is starting to love to ‘just talk’.  Every night we sit on the couch and talk through our day and thank God for what’s going on.  She LOVES these hang out and talk moments with us.  Consistent with her maturity is how responsible she is.  She has chores and does them with little complaint, can be asked to go get or do anything and the answer is 99% of the time, ‘ok sure!’  She is really helpful around the house from cleaning to helping with Nix to assisting me as my mobility gets limited by this belly. 

For better or worse she is enamored by ‘shows’ and watches Sofia the 1st and Jake and the Neverland Pirates as much as you will let her.

Vocabulary is still a strong-suit of hers.  She is adding large surprising words and phrases to her everyday vocab all the time.  When she doesn’t know the meaning of a work she ask “what does ___ mean?”  and then usually uses it shortly after.

Another somewhat annoying strength of hers is memory games.  Annoying because Andrew and I REALLY try to beat her and can’t.  She always wins memory games.  Always – ugh!

We are all but finished with naps – maybe 1-2 a week if life gets crazy for my little girl.  Reese loves Nixon and although she is still pretty hard on him (pulls, picks up, tugs) he’s getting bigger so the tables are turning on the roughness.  They play so well together most of the time. They race and giggle and play ‘baby and kitty’ and build Legos and run around outside together.  I will catch them sharing or getting things for each other or wanting to show the other something important.  They actually just moved into the same room (in prep for baby #3) and seem to be doing pretty well.  They are such a blessing and so sweet to watch. 

It all sounds so sweet and lovely and honestly, most the time it is.  However, she is growing and learning to push boundaries and has lied twice and uses her manipulative ways to ‘try’ and get what she wants (even after the answer is no).  

I love this child more than she will ever know and getting the chance to watch her turn into a silly little girl is one of the best blessing God has given me. 

Love you sweet Reese and I am excited to keep watching you grow and see you become a big sister to your second baby brother!

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