Nixon 1.5

  He’s on the move.  I LOVE this age.  Nix is entering the small window of his life where he in doing his best to interpret his world with very little vocabulary and partial understanding.  This leads to so many hilarious and animated moments that I hope to remember.  For example: Andrew was in his face the other day trying to discipline him for something.  Andrew steering said “Nixon, you need to obey!” Nixon, who was starting right back with the same seriousness, looked at Andrew and in a high pitched voice said “OOOOObbbbbeeeeeyyyyyyyyy” while slow nodding his head.  I think Andrew had to duck into another room to laugh this one off. 

He is still a weird eater.  He really enjoys food and can eat a TON but only if he feels like it.  I can give him today, what was yesterday, his favorite food and he will scream and fuss and stick his nose up at it.  He doesn’t usually eat more than one thing together, like a sandwich or 2 parts of a meal.  He will fuss and not eat or pull the things apart and only eats what he feels like.  Usually, his favorite foods are toast, broccoli, Brussel sprouts, string cheese, and Lara Bars.  Feed him any of these food and you get cheers and smiles of excitement out of him.   He loves milk also.  We don’t give it to him everyday because there might still be negative reactions to it but when we do we feed him lactose free and he seems to do ok. 

I can’t forget…Nixon’s nighttime performance. The moment 7 arrives and we head upstairs you can tell he gets excited about his nightly performance. We go through a routine of reading a book, closing the door, turning off the lights, and cuddling. He’ll turn over to cuddle and I can usually count to about three before he pushes up with a huge smile to giggle before covering his face to play peekaboo, followed by honking my nose and his. Then, he will throw himself backwards and giggling at himself. This could probably go out for a really long time but of course I don’t let it linger too long because I know this is just an excuse not to go to bed. Even though it’s all I can’t do to resist playing his games, they are so cute and I get the sweetest little giggle filled moments out of these evenings.
He has starting using lots of words.  This is also getting fun because he is repeating after us more and more.  He can say the basics of course, mamma, dadda, “eese”, no (always high pitch with a smile), “es”, up, carcar (Carly, our nanny), na (Kona).  He is also saying “Oookkeeeyyyy”, “awww you?!?!” (where are you?), pease, owld you (for pick me up), Owda (water) and several more.  I love his mind working to try and verbally communicate.  Now that he’s talking and repeating after us, he seems to be adding vocal words like crazy.  Reese loves this game.  Several times a day this game between them starts with Reese saying “Nixon!  Can you say _____?”  Nixon attempts and and regardless of his success, Reese says “Mom!  Nixon can say ____!”

My happy little dude has a lot of personality!  He is loud.  Like, really loud.  And expressive and seems to know what he wants most of the time.  He loves his sister but hardly lets her hug and kiss all over him like she would like to do.  They are, however, playing together more and more.  Reese works so hard to find games he will like and laugh at.  He is finally getting big enough to engage with her and these are some of my favorite moments.  When they are laughing and playing all by themselves. 

Nix is such a boy.  He climbs and jumps and pushes limits all the time.  He tumbled down our wood stairs (my worst nightmare) a few months ago which scared the living daylights out of Andrew and I.  But after a few moments of tears and cuddles, he got right back up with no signs of injury.  He climbs on everything high in our house to sometimes reach for something but usually to reach up for nothing, just seems he has a deep need to be high up onto of something.    He loves riding on Reese’s scooter.  He can get a few peddles on his own but when you push him down the street, he is so happy!  Side-note, he fits into Reese’s helmet already.  Big head 🙂 

His latest obsession is shoes.  He calls them ‘oosh” and always seems to have a pair on.  His favorites are Reese’ pink leopard rain boots.  We have plenty of naked picture of this fashion statement, btw.  He loves his own shoes too and most conversations he starts with strangers leads to pointing to his or their ‘oosh’. 

Speaking of strangers, this little dude seems to run for mayor everywhere he goes.  He has no problem waving “Hi or ello” to anyone.  He will go up to strangers so easily and start ‘conversation’ with them.  He loves to wave “byebye: by opening and closing his fist fully and blows kisses as he says goodbye to… everyone he meets.  He’s a charmer in that regard and I can’t help but beam with pride when these strangers fall in love with him at first sight.  He’s pretty darn cute. 

Wow, I could go on and on.  I am constantly in awe of my son, so proud of how he is growing and learning.  While his independent, “I know best” and “I can do this myself” attitude can be a challenge as a parent,  I know this part of him will serve his so well in life.  I really enjoy fostering his strong spiriting into kindness and happiness.  He is learning so quickly and that sweet smile and happy exploring personality are so fun to watch.  We love you Nixon Lee and look forward to see what the next few months hold.


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