Reese 4

Where do I start?  How are we already here?  She 4 and she’s amazing. This little girl is such a joy to us.  This year she has wowed us with “I love you mommy (or daddy)” comments out of nowhere, asking you to lay next to her to stare at the clouds, or help her create something from nothing.  We got a million of these little moments this year and I would take a million more.  This year is the year of crafts.  It started with an intense love of the coloring book and has evolved into glue, paper, markers, glitter, paper plates, streamers, paints and anything else you can think of.  She can craft on her own but it usually doesn’t take long before she invites whoever is closest, to join her.

On any normal day in Reese’s 3 year old life, she is dressed up. 9 times out of 10, it’s as a princess.  The girl eats, breaths, and sleeps princess. She loves adventure and pretending, like a lot. I know she has an extra creative imagination when I watch her play with friends. They can hang with her for a little while but it usually ends up with Reese taking over with her agenda and demanding more intense role play.

This summer was big for Reese’s independence.  There are 2 little boys across the street, Owen (9) and Wyatt (5), who she played with almost nightly.  They rode bikes, played fight with swords, dug in the dirt, searched for rocks, jumped around in Andrew’s garage gym and more.  Most of these ‘boy’ activities were carried out in a princess costume that she would strategically put together for her play time with the boys.

Naps are slowly moving out of her life this year, she only takes one about every 3 days.  She started pre-school this August, mostly because she was begging for it.  A spot opened up last min at our rec center so she goes twice a week for 2 hours and loves it.  She comes home beaming with her crafts and learning from school.  She knows most of the names of her classmates and love this time of her week. 

We get lots of compliments about Reese’s manners.  Our friends and strangers are quick to tell us she is so smart, well-behaved, and has great manners.  As much as I would like to take credit for this behavior, I must admit she is a learner and absorbs like a sponge social norms and praised behavior. 

This year has been so fun because she remembers everything.  Holidays and special occasions are so exciting with her! 

Andrew and I probably most proud of Reese’s spirit.  She is kind and energetic and personable.  I love how she looks people in the eye, thinks before she speaks, and seems to genuinely care about the people she knows.   

I can’t end this recap without praising her for being such a wonderful sister.  Her only sisterly crime is over-loving (smothering) Nixon, which she does a lot.  Most of the time, however, she is so wonderful to him.  She takes time to look him in the eye and talk to him, comes up with games just for him, and love showing him everything she’s doing.  I love watching her with him, she is incredible. 

Birthday Toasts: Our birthday tradition is to each take a turn telling the birthday girl something we love about her from this last year of her life. 
Andrew:  This year you learned to ride your like-a-bike SO well!  Also, you are becoming a good friend.  I love to watch you play and share and care about your friends.
Summer:  This year you got really creative and learned to love crafts.  I love watching you explore your creative spirit.  I also love how you treat adults.  When you see mommy and daddys friends, you are so good at looking them in the eye, and asking them how they are.  I love that about you.
Reese:  This year I learned how to do the monkey bars all by myself.  This year I was a good big sister.


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