Reese’s First Ski Day

We’ve been waiting in anticipation for this day.  We planned last year to prop Reese up on skis for the first but when the time came she got sick and I can’t say I was too disappointed – I thought it was a little early.  Now, however, we’re ready!  It was a sunny warm day and the cousins were all with us.  We rented her skis but didn’t buy a pass (thankfully).  Andrew got behind her and held her up while she leaned over her skis and bent her knees like instructed.  She took it very seriously, no surprise there but when the run was all over, she broke out in giggles.  We only got a few ‘runs’ in before she said she was all done but I think she liked it.

Normally, Andrew and I ski with our niece and nephews every year.  It’s a highlight for us and from what I can tell, it’s special for the kids too.  This year, however, I couldn’t partake in the tradition 😦  I think Abby was the most sad although you couldn’t tell once she got rolling.  I stood on the sideline and played with Reese and took some pictures.  They all did great and I look forward to skiing with them next year!


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