Istanbul: Ottoman Tour

There was no time to recover from a full night of food, wine, and dancing!  We ordered breakfast in today in hopes of getting a few extra min to relax.  Today was a trip back to the Old City to tour the Blue Mosque and Topkapi Palace.  The Blue Mosque is still used so we had to cover our heads, leg, and shoulders in order to enter. 

The Topkapi Palace was built in the 1400s!  It housed thousands of people when it was fully functional.  It is now home to several impressive artifacts including Moses’ staff.  I most enjoyed the incredible view of the city from the 4th courtyard.

After lunch we stopped by the Spice market which blew my mind.  Consumers in Istanbul shop markets for each item they need.  If they need coffee they go to one place, bread from the bakery, and spices from the Spice Market.  We arrive in the afternoon on Friday and it was jam packed from store to store with shoppers.  The products


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