6 Months


Yes, this is extremely late.  We are almost closer to 7 months at this point BUT capturing a cute posed pic of a 6 month old is a little challenging. One word: teething.  Sure makes photo sessions challenging.  Sweet girl has been a little harder to make giggle these past few weeks. 

Anyways: Happy 1/2 year Reese!  
So much has happened and we are more in love with you than ever!

Look at those tired teething eyes…

  This month has been busy busy.  Reese started eating solid food, is almost crawling and loves going anywhere and everywhere with us!  She traveled to see Grammy & Pappy and enjoyed a visit from Mimi & Pappa!  Although we still nurse, this month was a big mile marker = real food!  Her first ‘real’ food was smashes avocado followed by banana – both of which she loves.  She is SO CLOSE to crawling.  She assumes the position but hasn’t connected the motions yet.  Reese loves to stand up.  When you let her hang onto the the back of the couch she will turn to whoever is looking and grin ear-to-ear because she is so proud of herself!  She started pulling up on anything in her way this month.  We started sitting up in grocery carts and high chairs – so big!  This little girl loves being tossed and turned.  Swing her upside down to get the silliest giggle!  Reese wakes up about once in a 12-hour night-time period which I can definitely handle.  I love this size of baby.  She is sturdy, not too heavy and fun to tote around.  Love my little 6 month old and all the fun she adds to our home.  Happy 6 months Reese!

Finally!  A Smile!  Thanks Daddy for being so funny to make us laugh!

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