From 3rd Grade To Her Wedding

I have known Diana since 3rd grade.  We met playing soccer and lived down the street from each other.  We have been through lots and lots of life stages together.  From elementary (glasses and 80s hairdos) to Jr High (no further details will be revealed about this blip) through High School (volleyball) into College (A&M and Thetas) then post college (backpacking Europe) and now adulthood (annual weekend girl trips with 2 other dear friends).  So needless to say, her wedding this past weekend was one more memorable event for me. My sweet friend Diana is rarely seen without sporting a baseball cap and Nike shorts so her transformation into such an elegant bride was astonishing to see.  I am so proud to be your friend Diana and even more thankful you have found Nathan to share your crazy life adventures with.

The Traveling 4

Nathans 1st SP
Wedding Day!
Beautiful Bridesmaids
What A Fun House Party!
Can’t believe we were at your wedding!  What a great day…
Doughty Love
The Most Beautiful Wedding Of The Year!


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