5 Months

It’s getting more fun everyday.  The changes are incredible and the giggles too cute – we love her more everyday.  Last week she started sitting up and now she is working on balance when upright.  Her baby babble has gotten louder and more unpredictable and she always seems to practice her speech in public places….  No teeth yet but everything still goes straight into the mouth. She has slept twice through the night (12 hours) this month.  A schedule is what a baby needs – no matter how hard this is for unscheduled people like Andrew and I – it’s a beautiful thing.  Reese can self-sooth much better this month than last – many times we don’t have to get her when she starts fussing, she just calms herself down after a few minutes. 

 Reese has mastered the tummy-to-back roll but the back-to-tummy roll is her magic move.  We have placed her on her back in her crib or on the floor and then found her on her tummy but no one has actually seem the roll.  Speaking of crib, we have moved from sleeping in the vibrating chair thingy to the crib this month!  Used to be – she wouldn’t sleep in anything but her car seat or the chair thing so we transitioned using a foam side pillow she could lean up against.  Now, she sleeps soundly with nothing but her crib!  We are still 100% nursing and doing well.  She takes to a bottle just fine (and has to because she spends several days a week with Mrs. Brandy while mom and dad work)  At her 4 month doctor appointment a few weeks ago she is 50% all around.  24.75 inches tall and 14.6 pounds.

No hissy-fit photo this time but check out leggings on a baby…so cute!  Thanks Noelle and Laura for baby leggings!

While 90% of having a baby is a blast, it’s not all roses and butterflies.  She has sure figured out how to SCREAM and that high pitched shriek will just about blow your ear drums.  Her temperament is however a little more predictable as we get to know her better so her hissy-fits are less and less (hence no signature fussy face to end this months update).  Love you Reese and can’t believe we are on our way to half a year!


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