4 Months

1/3 of a year old and having a blast!  Reese Marie has been such a joy this month.  Yall were right, it gets more fun every month.  It seems like she is learning to make a new noise daily and when in doubt she just presses her lips together and blows air.  We’re not 100% sure she knows her name but she consistently turns to face you when you say “Reese!”.  Little girl can hold the crunch position for an incredibly long time in preparations for sitting up I am guessing – must get her abs from me (stop laughing).  She is grabbing for everything and anything now.  My hair and earrings are usually top on her list.  She loves her feet and grabs for them anytime she can – happy baby – yoga style.  This month she understands peek-a-boo, so fun.  We have started playing all those games that make the adult look completely stupid but the baby laugh and giggle.  I didn’t know I could produce so many ‘hilarious’ or embarrassing sounds and noises.

When Reese has had enough of tummy time, in anger, she can roll herself over to her back.   Earlier this month I was reading a book aloud and Reese was doing her best to talk over me.  Blah Blah Blah Blah dadada te te te.  The moment I would stop reading, she would stop blabbing. Pretty cute.

As always, I leave you with a hissy fit.
  We love you Reese!  Already excited for this month!

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