I had a meeting in Cincinnati this week so the whole family flew in early to hang out with Dr Lindsey (who is currently doing her residency in Cinci) and her hubby, Mike.  They did a fabulous job showing us the city and taking us to eat incredible food (chili dogs, magical French toast, grill cheese, and Ohio ice cream).  We had such a good time with the Crawfords that it was hard to go work when Tuesday rolled around!  My amazing husband came along with me so Reese could be with me at night.  He stayed in the room with Reese while I worked during the day.  What a guy!  …And BTW- the plane ride home was SO MUCH better than on the way here – thank goodness!

The men at an overlook of Cinci
Me and The Doctor – brought this OB dinner in exchange for a tour of the hospital

So good at rocking her to sleep!
At the Farmer Market downtown.
Uncle Mike and Aunt Lindsey
Our walk along the river

This is the cutie I got to visit in the hotel every break I had


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