Baby Talk

Reese started baby talking on Saturday morning!  All the sudden….the cutest baby babble….loudly… the airport….which means on the airplane.  How does a baby go from cute soft baby noses one day to finding her voice the next?  And WHY did it have to happen at the airport before a 2.5 hour flight?  So here we are on a plane the size of my living room with mostly business travelers and a baby who thinks she is soooooo cool talking away with Daddy.   As the blabber turns into screeches my nervous laughter turned into sweating.  To top off the performance she chooses the take-off to blow out her diaper.  Great!  Now we are ‘those people’ with the really loud really stinky baby.  After convincing the flight attendant it was an emergency, I take Miss Talky Pants to the dime sized bathroom/changing table and swear this isn’t my baby.  Screaming bloody murder while being changed (very uncharacteristic) and spewing milk all over me and the lavatory.   I threaten to quit.  At 30,000 feet.  I was about to auction her off to anyone on the plane who thought they could do better.  Finally we sit again and she passes out!  Hallelujah.  Thank you Jesus.  You are a loving God!  The rest of the plane ride was spent staring nervously at her precious little sleeping face just praying she would stay sound asleep until the wheels touched the tarmac.  No matter how prepared I thought I was, this baby runs on her own schedule.  I don’t know how many more plane rides I can endure at this rate. Can anyone relate?  Woah.

Just talking away with Daddy at DIA


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