3 Months

Reese is 3 months old! Sweet girl is showing us her personality more and more everyday.  This month she is successfully reaching and grabbing for toys/hands/hair/jewelry and her feet intentionally.  I love it when she folds herself up into happy baby!  Almost every morning Andrew goes to get the “da honey” from bed and brings her up to cuddle with mom and dad before we start the day.  These sweet smiley giggly moments are among my favorite with Reese. 

Her smile can already light us a room and the little giggle she’s got to go along with it will melt your heart.   

Her legs are so strong that she can stand up when gripping something to hold herself up on.  Reese is happiest when she is being held facing out.  She loves chewing on her hands, all day everyday.  Thankfully, I only wake up 1-2 times a night to feed her.  A schedule is what she craves and so Andrew and I (two very unscheduled people) are doing our best.  At night Andrew plays her guitar as part of our bed time routine – puts her to sleep every time.

So far Reese is a generally happy baby but man-oh-man she sure can throw a fit when she finds the need!  The tiny little thing can turn bright red in an instant when she’s not happy and then back to precious the next second. 

As always, we end the photo shoot with a hissy fit!  Classic.

Happy 3 Months baby girl!  We love you more than we imagined.


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