A Piece of Reese

We traveled all over Texas for the holiday break so Reese could visit the friends and family she hadn’t met yet. We didn’t get to everyone (sorry Lori, Jeff, and Matt) but we are so thankful we got to see lots of our wonderful friends and family.  Thanks for loving on our baby girl!  
We love you all SO MUCH!
Somehow I missed getting pictures with Susan, Ashley, Stephen, Danee, Warren, Allison, Carla, Gary and most the VanVliet crew!  Ugh – so sorry.
Noelle, Michael, Wesley, Stephanie, Layne, Peggy, Marc, Jane Ann

Great-Grandpa Barney, Wes, Christen, Laura, Julia, Donna, Julia, Erin
Tanner, Barabara, Abby (rocking Reese to sleep = so cute), Ryan (and Luke with Andrew)

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