2 Months

So here we are at the 2 month mark.  I offically put away all the newborn clothes and got out the 0-3 month wardrobe.

Our baby girl changes so much everyday.  We often ask her in the morning “Reese, did you gain a few pounds last night?”  She started smiling and cooing which as any mamma knows, just melts the heart.  She has started smiling at me when I go get her in the morning and I seem to forget all the sleep I lost the night before.  Her cooing is so sweet and seems to be a clear sign that she is happy or entertained.  The other day while on the changing table (one of her favorite places) she was copying the pitch of my baby talking with her coos.  Adorable.  She seems to have eyes for daddy.  She give me plenty of smiles and coos but she’s got these soft glazy eyes reserved only for daddy….. danger.

Reese spends lots of time on her play mats and under a really neato lopsided mobile.  She is so happy trying to figure out what’s going on around her.  It seems she might be figuring out when she is reaching out and touching or kicking the toys.

We have traveled almost every week of Reese’s last month.  We’ve been to southern Colorado, the most eastern part of the Rocky Mountains, California, and a little home.  Thankfully, Reese is a good traveler so far.  She took her first plane ride like a champ and sleeps during most of our big drives.

I went back to work last week so “working mom” is in full swing.  I have been doing better than expected being away from her.  I love my job and have been excited to get back to it even though I’m nervous about being away from Reese.  Thankfully, I work a bit out of the house so these first few weeks I will still see her throughout the day.  Check back in when I am away from her all week.

We love you Reese!  Happy 2 Months!


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