Anderson QT

 I am thankful this year and every year for the past 4.5 years for my family in-law.  I was so so blessed to marry into such a loving tight-knit family.  Having a baby of our own makes me realize even more how special the Anderson family is.  When we got to Pagosa last week the entire gang ran outside to meet us (well let’s be honest here…to meet Reese).  Reese already has 4 cousins and man-oh-man they love her lots.  At every moment there was a cousin hanging on Reese, trying to hold her, sticking pacifiers in her mouth, baby talking to her, pushing her swing, or asking if they can feed her anything more fun than milk. 

Wesley, Abby, Micah, Noah with Reese

Aunt Meg has already shown Reese how spoiled she’s going to be and Ali + Bobby didn’t stop loving on our girl the whole time.  Oh and of course.. Mimi and Pappa are here to love and laugh with Reese as much as they do with the other 4.  We had such a sweet time hanging out in the mountains this week. 

Aunt Meggie

Sledding on Wolf Creek Pass
Noah and Mimi
The Chili Making Crew
Andrew and Bobby Talking Shop
Reese and The Baby Holder, Ali
Sacked out
A Haircut! Finally!

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