Wolf Creek

A Pagosa Springs Thanksgiving wouldn’t be complete without some ski days at Wolf Creek.  Since I had a pretty mild ski season last year I have been aching to get up the mountain.  I was really glad to ski with Abby and Wesley so my first day was more of a warm up than what Andrew would take me on if it were just us.  I only took a few runs and then spent the rest of the time lodging with Mimi, Pappa, Meg,  Reese, Micah, and Noah.

First ski trip with Reese. I think she’s going to be a punk snowboarder one day – notice the peace she’s already throwing down already
Wesley’s first time to snow board

Sweet Noah
Noah telling Reese all the good things about being part of the fam

This is how I found Reese when I came back from skiing….
Micah stole my ski boots
Mimi and Pappa with Reese

Uncle Drewbie taking Micah snowboarding


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