One Month!

Reese is One Month Old!

We made it a whole month! Not only have we kept her alive but Andrew and I are still standing (for the most part, depending on the amount of sleep had).  What a life changing month it’s been.  I feel like it was just yesterday that I was pregnant but I also feel like we’ve had Reese in our lives forever.  It’s been amazing watching a little girl change and develop so much in just 4 weeks.  We have loved all the visitors, sweet thoughts, gifts, and prayers that have come from our friends and family during this first month.

This little girl is, so far, a trooper.  Starting at 2 week and 1 day (we were told to stay home for at least 2 weeks) we went to the mountains for a few nights.  She has since been to the mountains again, to a few parties, and a wedding.  She handles being held by strangers so well.  Thankfully, she still sleeps through most of these adventure (because mommy is still learning how to have a baby attached to her all the time.)

She is most awake and such an interactive cutie on the changing table and under her rainforest play play mat.  Reese enjoys being bundled up real tight, dancing with daddy before bed, car rides, snuggling with mommy in the body wrap, and spending her first few awake hours every morning with us in bed. Oh and did i mention, her paci!  We often call her ‘drama’ because of her intense upset faces and the little girly squeaks and hollers she projects when she wants something or isn’t 100% comfy.

I think she looks so different every week.  Her eyes are getting more blue, her cheeks are starting to get some chub and those skinny legs are starting to show some rolls.  Reese is starting to find her vocals.  Sometimes this is cute with coos and other sweet baby noise and sometimes (oh man) those vocals can pierce your ears with their loud high pitched cries for help.

All-in-all we have had a blast in month one.  We are learning more and more about the little girl God placed in our arms and hope and pray we can be the best parents possible.

Love you Reese!  Happy one month!


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