41 Weeks

Here we are….41 weeks with a extremely large swollen belly (with a baby still in it).  What an interesting week.  It’s been an emotional roller coaster waiting and waiting and waiting.  I have kept every obligation and gone to every social event I’ve been invited to!  I keep saying “hopefully I can’t make it” but low and behold I keep showing up! 

I must be getting near the end because I am down to about 3 pieces of clothing that still fit.

I have had the sweetest/hardest conversations with God about His timing and my patience (or lack there of).  What an incredible way for him to continue to teach one of his most impatient children (me) how to wait on His timing.  The crazy thing is: our culture is IN LOVE with a due date.  Starting the day after my due date I was asked very seriously “What are you going to do?” “When will they induce?” “Are you going to be ok?”  My response must have be so confusing for everyone, “Ummmmm…… I am going to wait on God and my body for this baby to be born.”  My due date came from a technician several months ago who read it off a machine!  I am going to trust this God given natural process.  Of course if something starts to go wrong/get dangerous we will seek help and trust Him with that too.  The weekly pregnancy update that I get from a website (and post on my blog) only had the most horrible, scary, worst case things that can happen to an “overdue” baby listed under 41 weeks….amazing.

A Few Fun Facts:
The average delivery date for a first time mom is 41 weeks and 2 days (some say 41 weeks and 1 day).
The 40 weeks gestation rule was devised by a German doctor in the 1800s who based it on a 28 day cycle (lunar month)
20-40% of moms are medically induced, many non-medical related
Medically induced labor increases the risk of C-sections (maybe even doubles the chances)

So we’re here, asking God for patience, trying not to be too anxious about the people waiting on us, me missing so much work BEFORE the baby comes, etc.

My mom is here and wow she has been AMAZING!  I don’t know how I would stay sane if she wasn’t here – taking me to run errands, making me eat well and often, spoiling the living daylight out of me, forcing me to take it easy, and just…..loving on me and my belly!  It’s such a blessing to have such an incredible mamma here during such an incredible time!  I am thankful for this quiet sweet time with her before my life turns 100% baby girl focused.

We went to see Anita today and she checked me for the first time.  Great news!  Baby girl is super low, head is in the right place, and water is out of the way.  I am 40% effaced and 2 centimeters dilated.  So, this could mean we’re having the baby today or in a week BUT it’s nice to know SOMETHING is happening.  Baby’s heart beat and movements are still really healthy.  My blood pressure is up a little from last week but still really low, comparatively.  I am starting to take some herbs to see if that loosens things up and promotes labor. 

Please continue to pray for patience, health, safe delivery, and His timing to reign over this precious process. 

Anita encouraged us to have a fun date night while we still have time.  We went to Rioja in Denver to celebrate a hopefully last hurrah.  I feel so encouraged after today and even more excited that our baby girl is SO CLOSE to coming!


3 thoughts on “41 Weeks

  1. You are AMAZING! I start complaining about a week before my due dates ever get here 😛 I have quite a few friends who have gone a week or more overdue and everything was great! Have you read anything on Evening Primrose Oil? If not, I have used that every time and it seems to efface you and dilate you a little. Midwives use it. It goes somewhere other than your mouth 😛 Email me if you want more details 😛 PRAYING!


  2. ok, you still look stinking adorable. and i will confess to being the one who kept asking when is she coming and what happens if she doesn't?! Which clearly makes me the more impatient of His children…way to one up me. And while I'm SUPER dooper excited to meet my little niece and see TONS of pictures, is it wrong to be more excited to know her name?!?!! Thanks for making me be patient with YOUR kid!!! 😉 grrrrr… -meggie


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