My favorite time of year in Colorado is here!  The leaves are turning golden and the weather is cooling.  We went to Dillon this weekend to soak up some mountain air and catch the fall changes.  We had a BLAST and kept thinking how weird it was that this weekend was finally here (we’ve been planing to be in the mountains this particular weekend if baby girl hadn’t come yet all year long)!  We enjoyed the weather, went on a few short hikes (aka waddles) and ate at every little local joint we could find all while surrounded by the magic of the golden trees and crisp fall air.  What an unforgettable dreamy weekend.

Our view from breakfast at Arapahoe Cafe
Granola Pancakes are amazing!  Love Colorado….

2 thoughts on “Dillon

  1. You may understand this, having lived in Houston, but I saw your photos of the trees and was like–IT'S FALL! My sense of time and seasons really has died. I mean, seriously, it really blew my mind and I had to think about what month it is. Great photos and glad you are hanging in there, Mrs. 40 Weeks. It's hard to have that date and watch it go by and have people keep asking and you keep wondering. Both of mine were exactly 10 days late and those 10 days were SO LONG. I wore only pajamas and never went anywhere. You will make it and soon have an amazing new love!


  2. Yes I LOVE the fall here. Seasons are still such a novelty for me – having NEVER experienced them until I was 24! Thanks for the encouragement about passing over my due date – I laughed as I am sitting in my PJs at home…just waiting. Glad to know I'm not totally lazy/crazy.


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