Baby Moon!

Apparently it’s a thing…a Babymoon I mean. A couple goes on a honeymoon-like adventure prior to having a kid. We take any excuse for a mini vacation we can so this weekend was our official Babymoon! I bought a Groupon awhile back for a weekend at the Hyatt in Beaver Creek. We cashed in the Groupon this weekend and acted like we belonged there! (or tried) The Park Hyatt Beaver Creek is a swanky place to vacation in the mountains. They had it all… incredible rooms with incredible views, amazing yet over priced restaurants, a 30,000 ft spa, a pool, shops, planned activities, and more. We did a fantastic job relaxing which was the whole goal of the weekend. We ate great food, enjoyed Beaver Creek Village and talked a lot about what life will look like in about a month+.

Our room on the corner!

Sweet Hubby making his pregnant wife a smore!
Saturday Brunch and Coffee On The PatioHike To The Chateau for a cooking class… that we didn’t

book tickets to and couldn’t get into…:(
Sunday morning hike around the village
Blurry picture of our pre-spa adventures!


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