4th of July

Huntington Beach was the Anderson/Stafford destination to ring in America’s 235th Birthday! We’ve been here all weekend eating fish tacos, laying on the beach, and celebrating our freedom. The actual day of I woke up early to walk a 5K with the fam. We walked main street up and back to complete the walk.

After the 5K we walked to grab a do-nut (a family tradition apparently) and then to PCH to set up shop and watch the famous Huntington Beach 4th of July Parade.

Yes, we’re all wearing matching shirts….
The Trio

The rest of the day we road bikes around town to watch the craziness unfold. House parties pouring into the streets, restaurants and bars overloaded, the pier so busy all you could see was a sea of people. We had everyone over to the house for a dinner party and to celebrate Aunt Ginni’s birthday. Happy 4th of July!

La Dolce Vida

The 4th of July princess
The Oh-So-Attractive Males of my family…


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